The Bruins dropped their season opener last night, 4-1 to the Washington Capitals.

Fluto Shinzawa has coach Claude Julien promising that the Bruins will play better hockey than what they showed in this one. Stephen Harris has opening night falling flat for the Bruins. Bud Barth says that Alex Ovechkin is Zdeno Chara’s Kryptonite. Mike Loftus has the Capitals taking the air out of the Bruins on opening night. Joe Haggerty has the Bruins learning a few lessons from their sloppy opener.

Kevin Paul Dupont says that the Bruins never got started in this one. Mick Colageo says that the Bruins just didn’t want it as badly as the Capitals last night. Steve Buckley has the Bruins falling asleep in this one. Mike McMahon says that Peter Chiarelli may have put together a nice team, but he needs to win a championship. Steve Conroy has Alexander Ovechkin stealing the show last night.

Shinzawa’s notebook has new Bruin Derek Morris having a hit-or-miss opener. Harris’ notebook has David Krejci making a nice return to the ice. Barth’s notebook has Mark Recchi enjoying his status as the league’s oldest player…for the moment. Colageo’s notebook has Milan Lucic focused on what he does best. McMahon’s notebook has Junior Seau making an appearance at the game. Loftus’ notebook has more on Krejci. Glen Farley looks at what Seau was doing there.


The Patriots are somehow favored against the ’86 Bears that are coming into Gillette on Sunday.

Michael Vega has a look at safety Brandon McGowan, who has been an early season surprise for the Patriots defense. Ian R. Rapoport has more on McGowan, who has made a career of picking himself back up when he’s knocked down.

Eric McMugh has a look at massive defensive end Terdell Sands, who is doign the Reverse Richard Seymour.  Mark Farinella has more on Sands, who might be the largest man ever to wear a Patriots uniform. Christopher Price has Sands hoping to make a big impact with the Patriots.

Karen Guregian has Randy Moss talking about how much pain he was in last Sunday. Jennifer Toland looks at what Joe Flacco has done for the Ravens offense. Shalise Manza Young says that the Ravens defense presents problems for the Patriots. Ron Borges looks at what Junior Seau was doing in Boston at the Bruins game last night. Price gives us Five Things To Watch For Sunday Afternoon.

Vega’s notebook  has Sands talking about coming to New England. Rapoport’s notebook has more on Sands. Farinella’s notebook explains why you’ll see some Pats in Pink on Sunday. Toland’s notebook says that the Patriots red zone woes will be tested further this weekend. Young’s Patriots journal has more on Sands.

Red Sox

Amalie Benjamin has Jon Lester looking just fine in his first outing after getting hit off the knee by a line drive last weekend. Sean McAdam says that Lester’s performance has to give Sox fans a sigh of relief. Eric Avidon says that this was an important step for Lester. Jim Fenton has Lester passing his final regular season test. Kevin McNamara has a final look at Lester’s performance.  

Adam Kilgore says that without Nick Green, the Red Sox have a hole at backup shortstop. McAdam also addresses the lack of a utility infielder for the playoff roster. Daniel Barbarisi says that at the moment Jed Lowrie has a better shot at the role than Nick Green.

Bill Ballou says that Red Sox MVP comes down to Jason Bay or Kevin Youkilis. John Tomase says that Jacoby Ellsbury has answered every question that people had about him entering the season. Alex Speier says that Jason Bay has also answered all questions this season. Haggerty has Theo Epstein building yet another playoff worthy roster. Barbarisi has Justin Masterson feeling comfortable with the Indians. Rob Bradford has a look at Billy Wagner and the challenges he’s faced coming over to the Red Sox.

For all you mouthbreathing morons out there that think that the Red Sox actually accomplished something by making the playoffs, Jim Donaldson says you’re an idiot. Trying looking at the Yankees, he says, who actually won something this season.

Benjamin’s notebook has Mike Lowell having to leave the game last night after fouling a ball off his ankle. Tomase’s notebook has Justin Masterson endorsing John Farrell as the next Indians manager. Ballou’s notebook has Lester back in form. Fenton’s notebook has more on Lowell. The ProJo Red Sox journal has Masterson and Terry Francona talking about the firing of Eric Wedge.


Frank Dell’Apa has a look at Marquis Daniels, who is happy to finally be exactly where he wanted to be. Steve Bulpett has Paul Pierce enjoying being able to share the spotlight with others.

Bob Ryan has a look at Doc Rivers’ son Austin, who some feel is the best high school senior guard in the country.

Dan Duggan has the Celtics embracing Twitter.

Jim Fenton has Bill Walker out for six weeks with a knee injury. Robert Lee has more on Walker.

Chad Finn chats with ESPN’s “College Game Day” host Kirk Herbstreit, who is in Boston for tomorrow’s BC/FSU game. Finn also looks at TBS’ postseason baseball plans.


10 thoughts on “Bruins Can’t Get Started in Opener

  1. It’s over!!1!!!!!11!!
    Thomas is a sieve!!!11!!!!!!1!!
    Put in Rask!!!!!!11!!!!
    My God, Bruins fans, STOP ACTING LIKE RED SOX FANS!


    1. Thank you.

      Guy two rows in front of me practically had a stroke screaming at least 4 times during the game. Can’t even imagine what shape he would have been in if he had gone to games the year Dave Lewis was running things.


    2. It’s not just Red Sox fans Jon. It’s C’s fans and Pats’ fans as well. In fact, it seems to be Boston fans. I know talk radio callers and blog commenters aren’t supposed to be a good representation of most fans, but I long ago accepted that the idea that Boston fans are knowledgeable is a myth.


      1. I hear what your saying, Tom….but unfortunetly, Radio Talk show callers (and WEEI call screeners) sort of steer the show. All week long on WEEI you heard the hosts making it seem like “Red Sox Nation” was in a huge panic because the Sox were losing games and playing their backups….GIVE ME A FREEKING BREAK!….a few numbnuts call the station in a tizzy and the hosts like The Big Blow start making it out that ALL Red Sox fans are in a panic…..PUH-LEESE….


      2. I will gladly put hard core Bruins, Patriots and Celtics fans over Red Sox fans, collectively. Hardcore Red Sox fans seem to freak out at the drop of the hat. It seems that the true B’s, C’s and Pats fans aren’t as likely to do that. And that’s not the Pink Hat people, it’s the ones who actually watch Spring Training games and think “Yankees suck” is a rallying cry. Ugh.
        Anyone who doesn’t think Tim Thomas is a good goaltender or that the Pats weren’t going to take care of Falcons can go root for a different team…


  2. The words ‘NHL hockey’ and ‘October’ don’t even belong in the same sentence, why bother getting worked up? In an ideal world the NHL kicks off Thanksgiving weekend and the playoffs start April 1. Even with that setup you could still probably get in about 70 meaningless regular season games.


  3. Does Donaldson mention the fact that the Yankees actually won something this season by spending $86 million more on payroll than the “big spending” Red Sox did?

    Let me repeat that Mr. Donaldson: $86 million more in payroll for the 2009 season……that’s the payroll of 2 or 3 “small market” teams, combined.

    What a tool.


  4. and so begins another exciting NHL season…..82 freeking games to determine freeking Home Ice Advantage……WOO-HOO!!!


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