It’s been a week of comebacks, as the Patriots turned an 11-point deficit into a one-point victory in the final 2:06 on Monday and the Red Sox followed with three hits, two walks, and two runs – all with two outs in the ninth – to win last night. Let’s go to the gridiron first.


Pats Fans watched the Gillette crowd around him throw back to Schaeffer Stadium days and empty out before the final five minutes of Monday night’s comeback. Kathryn Tappen says better luck next time to fans who missed the drama.

Blaug is handing out game balls to Brandon Meriweather and Ben Watson for this one. Pats Chowder says Watson is finally the tight end the Pats were waiting for. The Patriot Act holds LB Gary Guyton accountable for the bad D-Line play Monday. It Is What It Is looks at how the Brady Rule almost spoiled Tom Brady’s big return.

One thing Mass Hysteria learned on Monday is that Brady can say no to a chick. Boston Sports Blog calls Brady lame for dissing Suzy Kolber, but Kissing Suzy Kolber is more concerned about Leodis McKelvin’s lawn ornaments after vandals paid him a visit. Chicks In The Huddle gives McKelvin a ‘Quit It.’

Wicked Good Sports looks at how Jerod Mayo’s injury may affect the team. PatriotsBlog has the Pats with a steady diet of 4-3 until Mayo returns. Charles Robinson thinks Mayo’s injury, along with the trade of Richard Seymour, has put the Pats’ D in an awkward state.

Got a big one against the Jets in New York this Sunday. Pats Pulpit hates everything about New York, while John Carchedi would love to spend Thanksgiving with Uncle Rex Ryan. The Rap Sheet has Tom Brady on the threshhold of another record at the Meadowlands on Sunday.

Red Sox

At Fenway, Surviving Grady has Juan Rivera finishing with a clean uniform after a nonplussed effort in chasing Alex Gonzalez’s blooper last night. Fenway West has the Sox inside the Angels heads and it’s not even October yet. The Bottom Line says Gonzo’s game-winner was made possible by the Fenway-cursed Angels.

Full Count has pinch-hitter Nick Green, recipient of a key ninth inning base on balls, almost collapsing on the walk to first. Big League Stew has Angels closer Brian Fuentes calling out the umps at Fenway after Green got some favorable calls on that walk. Life is good for Green off the field these days too, and SoxSpace News is rooting for him.

SawxBlog has always rooted for Daisuke Matsuzaka, and his blind faith was finally rewarded on Tuesday night. Touching All The Bases says it looked like Dice-K in physical appearance, but everything else of that guy on the mound was totally unfamiliar. On The Soxaholix, fictional Al wonders if Daisuke’s outing was a hahbingah of a fruitful Indian summah.

Utility Lou puts Beckett-Lester-Buchholz as the best top-three of any rotation in the A.L. Having a pitching staff loaded with “stuff guys” makes Mazz giddy about the Boston autumn. Throw in the Dice-K that debuted this week and Toeing The Rubber is hurting with happiness. But Evans Clinchy wants more as he speculates about throwing Felix Hernandez into the rotation next year.

Red Sox Diaries serves up a parody with Curt Schilling and Jay Leno. The real 38 Pitches tips his cap to Derek Jeter, a Yankee we dyed-in-the-woolers can’t bring ourselves to hate. An Outlander In The Scenic City went from shout-out to screw-you in her sentiments over the Yankee captain’s milestone hit this week.


On the eve of a new season, Here Come The Bruins! remembers his first taste of a real NHL game. Stanley Cup of Chowder offers their season preview. The Old Bruins Fan says the bar will be raised for the B’s in 2009-2010.

The B’s preseason opened on Tuesday, and so may have the Tuukka Rask era as he held back the NY Rangers, 2-1. The Bear Cave notes that Rask has not yet been appointed Tim Thomas’ backup. The Hockey Blog Adventure says Patrice Bergeron looked really, really pretty in last night’s 3-2 win over Toronto. Big Bad Blog calls defenseman Mark Stuart “caveman strong” while the Hockey Journal calls out defenseman Andrew Ference and gets humbled for doing so.

Puck Daddy conjures memories of adjusting the rabbit ears on our sad little TVs to catch Fred Cusick, who passed away this week. Rink Rap says none of the many B’s voices that have come since can live up to the man who brought hockey into the living rooms of our youth. And Another Thing . . . recalls the joy of integrating Cusick into his package.

Have a great last official weekend of summer and we’ll see you back here come autumn next week.

4 thoughts on “Week Log: One Good Turn Deserves Another

  1. Hey Bruce Toucher and Rich called you out on their show this morning. Apparently they didn’t like your tweet about them not liking sports.


  2. Eric Wilbur:

    “but is 30 seconds of class too much to ask?”

    Here we have have one wanna-be columnist(Blogger Wilbur) defending a wanna-be journalist (annoying sideline blabber Kolber), i.e. Wilbur sticking up for Kolber attempting to do a job for the network which pays the NFL for the broadcast rights.

    This isn’t news or even about the game or the team in anyway, it’s pure gossip.

    Wilbur should try making a name for himself instead of trying to tear Brady down. Give the guy a break for once in his career he doesn’t want to take part in the interview that Wilbur himself admits is completely lame almost all the time.


  3. Pats fans who go to the games are lame. Hasn’t the last decade taught anyone “it ain’t over till its over?”


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