pabrahamPeter Abraham, who covers the Yankees and writes a very good blog for The Journal News of the Lower Hudson Valley (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam) in New York, announced today on his blog that he is leaving to come join The Boston Globe:

So here it is: I’m leaving The Journal News after nearly 10 years and going to work for The Boston Globe.

I’ll be covering baseball — yes, the Red Sox — and blogging for The Globe approached me in August, right around the time my newspaper was going through some painful restructuring that you all heard about.

Abraham is a native of New Bedford, MA, and went to UMass-Amherst. He’s covered the Yankees for The Journal News since 2005, and spent four years prior to that covering the Mets. Before coming to New York in 1999, He covered the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team for the Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin.

In an old blog entry, he tells a story of his first experience covering a Major League baseball game:

My first job in journalism was as a part-time writer for the New Bedford (Mass.) Standard-Times. As a reward for taking phone calls and covering high school swim meets, I got to cover a Red Sox game. They lost, as they often did in those days, and I asked manager John McNamara why he didn’t use Dwight Evans as a pinch hitter.

McNamara asked where I was from then told me to get the (bad word) out of his office. Being a kid, I walked out.

I went on to cover mostly college sports and didn’t get back into baseball until I started at The Journal News in 1999 and got the Mets beat a few years later.

Other publications Abraham has written for include Baseball America, Slam, Basketball Digest, Sports Illustrated, Sports Nippon, Metropolitan Golfer, Basketball Times and Backstreets.


22 thoughts on “Peter Abraham Joining The Boston Globe

    1. Pete’s actually a Red Sox fan. I worked with him at a previous stop, and he was definitely rooting for the Sox. Whether things have changed since then, I don’t know; but he definitely holds true to his Massachusetts heritage. This is a good move for the Globe and us baseball fans.


      1. So it turns out "fat boy have another french fry" Petey wants to make a name for himself by having "inside info"on the inner "sins" of the RedSox. Do you idiots have a clue ? Do you think this shit hasn't gone on forever and a day ? If, and I know it's a big if, the sox won just 2 more games, they get in the play-offs and they somehow beat Texas only to lose to Detroit. Do you think any of this useless bullshit would have come out?


    1. Well, they already hired Gary Washburn to replace Spears on the NBA beat:

      Gary Washburn Set To Replace Spears at Globe

      (Frank Dell’Apa is the Celtics beat writer)

      I also know that they’re still looking to hire a football guy. I think Amalie Benjamin and Adam Kilgore are pretty strongly entrenched on the Sox beat, though one might be bumped up to the MLB beat.


  1. After reading the comments on his blog, it looks like the Globe is getting an excellent journalist. This must be related to Mike Reiss’s departure, which suggests that somebody from the Sox team is switching seasons and sports. Any thoughts?


    1. They’re ::all:: in bad shape. And in three years or less, Abraham will move on to a .com or ESPN. The revolving door will continue. All we can hope is that these interchangeable reporters won’t pull a Tomase before they leave.


  2. I live in Boston but, as a Yankee fan, follow Abraham’s writing religiously. He has turned his blog at a relatively small suburban paper into the definitive source for timely news and analysis of the Yanks. That’s hard to do in the NY market with much larger competitors. This is a huge score for the Globe.


  3. Welcome home Peter. I cant think of anyone who derserves to be here more than you. Keep up the top shelf work


  4. Pete, I look forward to following your insightjful commentary. I always appreciated the work that i saw you do on a daily basis with high-level high school basketball and i know it wont take long for your new followers to recognize your talent. Good luck.
    Jimmy Johnson
    NL CT Hoopsters


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