The Red Sox found themselves in a strange spot last night. Tied at 4 in the late innings of a game with the Baltimore Orioles, a team that they have for the most part dominated this season. With the bases loaded, Victor Martinez entered the game as a pinch hitter, and delivered a bases clearing double, helping the Red Sox to a 7-5win last night at Fenway Park.

Amalie Benjamin has a look at Martinez coming off the bench to give the Red Sox the winning runs. Michael Silverman has Martinez feeling good, despite the steady work he has gotten since coming over from the Indians. Daniel Barbarisi looks at a short night off for Martinez. Bill Ballou looks at just another crazy September night at Fenway. Lenny Megliola has the Sox keeping their wild card lead intact last night.

Steve Buckley has Billy Wagner willing to increase his workload should the Red Sox make the postseason. Bill Burt has Alex Gonzalez bringing serenity to the shortstop position for the Red Sox. Bill Reynolds says that a season like this one shows how great a manager Terry Francona is. Kevin McNamara notes that the Red Sox success at home has kept them in the playoff race. Rob Bradford notes that Paul Byrd’s garden didn’t do so well this summer, but his master plan has worked out.

Julian Benbow looks at the job done by Ramon Ramirez last night in putting out an Orioles rally. McNamara looks at the Sox using five relievers in the win last night. Buckley has Paul Byrd feeling he had better stuff in his loss against the White Sox than he had last night. Joe Haggerty says that Jacoby Ellsbury is on the verge of becoming an elite leadoff hitter.

Benjamin’s notebook has Tim Wakefield slated to get his third cortisone shot of the season today. Silverman’s notebook has more on Wakefield. The ProJo Red Sox journal also looks at Wakefield taking another shot. Ballou’s notebook has Dusty Brown getting robbed in his first major league at-bat.

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One thought on “Victor/Victorious

  1. One or two days after the Martinez trade was completed, on one of the last days that I listened to WEEI, that loudmouth piece of crap, Danny from Quincy called into WEEI and basically ripped anyone that thought it was a good trade as an absolute moron. Has this Pete Sheppard wanna-be ever called into admit that he was wrong?

    Let’s revisit their numbers since the trade:

    Martinez: .923 OPS

    Masterson: 4.19 ERA 1.66 WHIP 26/22 K/BB in 34 innings.


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