WEEI today announced the lineup for their “NFL Sunday” football program.

The lineup has changed quite a bit over the years, with Ron Hobson and Kevin Mannix being replaced with the likes of Tom E Curran and Paul Perillo. Dale Arnold was the original host, and Greg Dickerson, Michael Felger and Doug Brown have also hosted the show in the past.

Dale Arnold will return as the show’s host this year, and he will be joined by his weekday co-host Michael Holley. WEEI.com’s Christopher Price will also be on the show, as will former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria.

The show will air from 9:00am to Noon on Sundays. WEEI’s “The Real Post Game Show” will also return, with Pete Sheppard, Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie.  

NESN adds Ted Johnson

NESN today announced that former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson will join the network as a regular contributor to NESN SportsDesk this football season. He will join anchor Cole Wright, reporter Kathryn Tappen, Mike Reiss  and The Providence Journal’sShalise Manza Young as regular contributors this season.

Johnson will regularly team up with Reiss on Saturdays for a look ahead at the coming week’s game followed by a Sunday or Monday appearance to analyze what happened in that week’s game. Johnson and Reiss will also team up for a mid-week report to provide commentary on the latest Patriots and NFL news.


22 thoughts on “WEEI Announces NFL Sunday Lineup, NESN Adds Ted Johnson

  1. Sounds like a good lineup. Not to get off the subject, but why did Dale Arnold lose his part-time Red Sox gig this season?

    1. I wondered about the Dale/Red Sox thing too. One week he was there, next week it was Rish doing the fill-in.

    2. I think it was just a case of streamlining and keeping some consistency in the booth by only having three broadcasters this season. Rish was already doing the pregame and in-game scoring updates so it’s easy to have him fill in one day a week. You could also argue that he’s just as solid calling a game as Dale is. Dale also has his midday show as a first priority, and now EEI can easily slide him back into hosting the Sunday morning football show.

      I think the only reason Dale was originally brought on board last year was because they wanted a ‘name’ in the booth compared to Rish (who is still a relative unknown to casual media followers).

    3. Perhaps John Henry, Larry Lucchino, Tom Werner and/or Theo Epstein stumbled upon his “work”, by chance?

  2. Ted Johnson? I’m looking forward to his objective comments about Bill Belichick….that is if he can find his way to the studio…

  3. In lieu of the two choices (Tanger, Former college football 3rd string o-lineman, and the cross-eyed one) vs King Gunt and pipsqeaks, I choose to stick knives in my ears and go deaf.

  4. Actually, I don’t mind Dale and Holley but Price and Fauria could make it a snooze fest. Price has been dreadful on the radio and is somewhat alright

  5. Manza Young on NESN? What’s she going to contribute? Is she just going to sit there and talk about what everyone else has already reported on?
    She’s been on the Pats beat since TC left and hasn’t broken one story. Shalise is just trying to parlay this into an ESPN gig. Unfortunately you have to either be an a) good reporter or b) good writer. She is neither.
    ProJo needs to can her.

  6. Dhale was kicked off the Red Sox radio gig because he sucked.

    That is the most boring lineup possible for NFL Sunday possible. Who wakes up on Sunday thinking I don’t have enough Dhale and Beetlejuice in my life, I want more?

  7. Ok, SportsHub here’s your chance for a major league upgrade. Snatch TE Curran and get him in your lineup. If the dolts at ‘eei are dumb enough to let him go (ad revenues must be down), be smart, grab him and dump Gresh’s tired act.

    So far, SportsHub, you’re not showing your A-game with the likes of Tanger and Shank. What the hell are you thinking?? Did you guys work for Entercom at one time??

    1. Hey, didn’t you hear the response from ‘EEI the past few days? One of their major announcements was that they got a new couch in the studio! It’s true, they’ve been talking about it for two days straight! “When Sports News Breaks, We Break It . . .”

      1. WEEI’s reaction to Sports Hub’s first week on the air was a 10 minute conversation on why Buckley was in UMASS’ media guide. I wish I was kidding.

  8. Enough of Dale. Can only take so much of the geeky nerd. He and beetlejuice (like that one) are too uppidy and arrogant with their opinions on air. They seem to think they know it all and we’re all idiots. I’ll be over at 98.5. See you there.

  9. Can hardly blame Dale for being like he is, you’d probably be arrogant too if you were hosting five talk shows a week for the last 18 years on the #1 SPORTS RADIO STATION IN AMERICA! LOL Guess that would also explain Ordway’s personality. And even with only 10-11 years on the air, D&C fell into the same uppidy boat long ago.

    You’ve made the right move, Dave. EEI has gotten old and tired. They kept feeding us the same schtick day after day because they were atop the ratings and had no legitimate competition. Just like the credo some sports teams follow, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Guess we can’t blame them for being such an arrogant bunch.

    BTW I wonder if they ever found a permanent replacement for flashboy Wallach on D&H?

  10. I might bash EEI alot but I really like this move. So much so that I think I’ll be listening to the Sunday Morning Football show for the 1st time in like 4 years…..Sure Dale can be annoying from time to time but this lineup is MUCH,MUCH,MUCH better than the Greg Dickerson, Michael Felger and Doug Brown’s of the world……about time they did something I liked…

  11. Dale & Holley on Sunday mornings? Isnt enough that we are subjected to them 5 days a week? Dale’s voice sucks, & his persona is tiring. Holley should focus more on writing than talking. Who else is sick of “Outstanding” or “It’s not just how you’re covered Michael, it’s how you’re treated Dale”, The Lightning Round & clearing the board. My ears hurt from 10-2, I’m so glad their’s an FM alternative.

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