The Red Sox hit six home runs last night, and Clay Buchholz pitched seven scoreless innings as the Red Sox cruised to a 10-0 win over the Baltimore Orioles last night.

Adam Kilgore has Buchholz able to be successful in the blowout by acting as if he was pitching in a duel. Michael Silverman has the Orioles once again proving to be the perfect guests for the Red Sox. Kevin McNamara has the Sox getting their homestand started with a bang. Bill Ballou says that as of late, Buchholz has been the Sox #2 starter, behind only Jon Lester. Mike Fine notes that of the Red Sox first 6 hits last night, 5 were homers.

Steve Buckley has Buchholz proving that he is a legit third starter for the Sox. Lenny Megliola has more on the latest audition for the third starter role. Jim Fenton has Buchholz having little trouble with the Orioles last night. Daniel Barbarisi has the Red Sox on the offensive since the trade deadline. Alex Speier says that the ’09 deadline deals have delivered for the Sox.

Julian Benbow has a look at Dustin Pedroia’s pair of home runs in the win. Buckley has Jed Lowrie refusing to look at 2009 as a lost season. Brian MacPherson has Lowrie just trying to salvage whatever he can from this season. Barbarisi has Michael Bowden putting his rough outing against the Yankees behind him. He also has Lowrie and Dusty Brown added as the final pieces of the Major League roster for the ’09 Sox.

Bill Burt has Carlos Pena’s season ending with two broken fingers. Joe Haggerty has Rocco Baldelli saying that 2009 has been all that he could’ve asked for.

Kilgore’s notebook has Jed Lowrie returning to the Red Sox and hoping to salvage whatever he can from the rest of the season. Silverman’s notebook had Pedroia getting chatty after his home runs. The ProJo Red Sox journal has Jason Bay lamenting the state of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Ballou’s notebook has the Red Sox putting on a power display. Fenton’s notebook has Daisuke Matsuzaka making his final rehab start tonight.

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