Over on Patriots Daily this morning, Scott Benson wonders when the media is going to get off their duffs and do some reporting on this Richard Seymour situation.

Michael Vega has the Patriots seemingly not worried about the vast turnover of personnel on the defensive side of the ball. Ian R. Rapoport has defensive coordinator Dean Pees meeting with the media yesterday about preparations for the season opener Monday night. Chris Warner has a look at the practice squad signings, including that of massive tight end Robbie Agnone.

Mark Farinella has some really bad feelings about this Patriots team. He’s not going to drink the sour-tasting Kool-Aid any longer.

A new weekly feature on Patriots Daily will be the 50th Anniversary Minute – where each week Brendon Rosenau will take a look at a team from a past Patriots season. This week it is the 1963 Patriots, who made it to the AFL title game.

Glen Farley has the Patriots with nothing to say on the status of Richard Seymour and his trade to Oakland. Bill Reynolds says that the trade of Seymour was strictly business for the Patriots. Robert Lee has Tom Brady saying that the players will miss Seymour. Rich Garven has the Raiders playing a waiting game on Seymour. Christopher Price examines Bill Belichick’s comments on how the trade went down.

Karen Guregian wonders if we might see a repeat of 2003 and what happened after the Lawyer Milloy release. Lee has the Patriots carrying five running backs in an effort to keep them all fresh and productive. Farinella looks at Tedy Bruschi’s new gig with ESPN.

Vega’s notebook has Celtics coach Doc Rivers addressing the Patriots yesterday at the invitation of Bill Belichick. Rapoport’s notebook has the Patriots not addressing the Seymour situation. Garven’s notebook looks at whether practice squad signee  Isaiah Stanback might be a developmental project at QB for the Patriots.


Fluto Shinzawa has Marc Savard fired up about not being invited try out for Team Canada. Mike Loftus has Savard extra-motivated heading into the final year of his contract with the Bruins.

Mick Colageo has the Maple Leafs not set to make an offer to Phil Kessel. Stephen Harris has Patrice Bergeron feeling truly back to normal finally.


Jessica Camerato has Stephon Marbury hinting at retirement. Paul Flannery has the league possibly considering going with replacement referees this season.

Jonathan Saltzman and Marie Szaniszlo have ex-sportscaster and ‘Candlepins for Cash’ host Bob Gamere pleading guilty to a child porn charge.


8 thoughts on “Media Mum on Seymour’s Next Move

  1. Great article by Saltzman on Gamere. Younger readers won’t know him, but he was fairly big at one time though a notch below the Lobels of the world. Heck I remember him calling Yankee games when I was in high school in Connecticut. Put all his ‘bizarre’ incidents together and you get a drunken, repressed, Fenway trolling, child porn addict who can’t help himself. Jail has been calling his whole life; it’s surprising he stayed out this long.


    1. God, what a pathetic story. When you start e-mailing kiddie porn under your own name, you’re basically begging to be caught on some level. Trivia: In his book “Beyond The Sixth Game” Peter Gammons named Gamere as one of only two media members that Don Zimmer really hated. The other? Glenn Ordway.


      1. I remember way back in the late-80s, when he was still on TV (but no longer on Channel 7), Gamere was busted for some infraction (while drunk) at a seedy strip club in Chelsea, I think.

        This story doesn’t surprise me all that much, sadly.


  2. Sour-tasting Kool-Aid?

    What on earth does the Kool-Aid taste like in places like Oakland, Detroit and Cincinnati then?

    Some of the media in this town really need to get a life.

    Since 2001, the Pats’ regular season record is 97-31, and their post-season record is 14-3.

    Sour-tasting Kool-Aid?



  3. and if the Patriots start out 5-1 or 6-2?….what will Mark Farinella do?…just like they all do he will run away from what he wrote today and never mention “sour tasting Kool-aid” again…….or else he’ll fall back on this old tactic, “well…duh..It’s our job as media to ask questions…duh”….that’s what they all fall back on when they are wrong….


  4. Actually, I do own up to my mistakes, once it’s been proven that I’ve made them. Why don’t we wait until a more appropriate time to determine that, instead of 12 hours after the column was published?


    1. gee Farinella, using that kind of logic you should have waited until the season was at least half way over before you declared your “kool-aid” to be foul tasting.


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