I hope you savored last night. I know I did, hitting the replay button on the TV several times to rewatch David Ortiz’s game winning home run in the bottom of the ninth to give the Red Sox a 3-2 victory over the Chicago White Sox at Fenway Park. It was the second home run of the night for Ortiz, who continues his second half home run revival. Remarkable, when you consider how bad he has looked at times this season.

Amalie Benjamin has Ortiz and Tim Wakefield both at the top of their games last night. John Tomase has the Red Sox winning like old times. Daniel Barbarisi has Wakefield reminding all at Fenway why they missed him. Jeff Goldberg says that it was just like old times at Fenway last night. Bill Ballou has Big Papi turning back the clock. Mike Fine has Wakefield leaving teammates in awe.

Bob Ryan has Wakefield coming back from his injury and dominating right from his very first pitch. Alex Speier has Wakefield restoring order to the Red Sox rotation. Silverman has more on the knuckleballer’s first start since July 8th. Barbarisi has Victor Martinez doing a fine job catching Wakefield for the first time. Eric Avidon says that Wakefield could be the key to a Red Sox playoff push. Jim Fenton has more on Martinez’s first effort at catching the knuckleball.

Michael Silverman doesn’t want the Red Sox criticizing how he and his media brethren do their jobs. He claims the players just want “fan-boy journalism.” He concludes by saying “when the Red Sox start playing media critic, they lose me.” When the media starts making themselves the focus and whining about how they should not be criticized, they lose the fans. It’s a bit surprising to have this come from Silverman, one of the quieter, non-controversial members of the local press.

Kevin McNamara has Big Papi dusting off his Superman cape last night. Maureen Mullen has Ortiz reflecting on a difficult season. Jessica Camerato has Ramon Ramirez and Junichi Tazawa forming an unlikely friendship. Barbarisi looks at some potential Red Sox callups for Sept 1. Paul Kenyon has Chris Carter in a strange middle ground right now as he is stuck in limbo between the Red Sox and Mets. McNamara has Kevin Youkilis stating again how much he loves playing in Boston.

Nick Cafardo has Billy Wagner just hoping to fit in with the Red Sox. Brian MacPherson says that Wagner gives the Red Sox yet another bullpen weapon. Chaz Scoggins wonders if we saw a sign of the future last night with how Terry Francona used Daniel Bard.

Bob Hohler reports on a federal appeals court ruling that government agents illegally seized the list of  more than 100 positive substance tests from the 2003 season. In other news, after all his horses were stolen, farmer Brown decided to lock the stable door.

Benjamin’s notebook has Kevin Youkilis  clarifying things after his comments in yesterday’s Globe were crucified all day long by faux-angry sports radio hosts. (on both stations) Tomase’s notebook has Brad Penny asking for and receiving his release by the Red Sox. The Projo Red Sox journal has Ortiz shrugging off the news about the court ruling. Goldberg’s notebook has Youkilis insisting he wasn’t taking a shot at the fans.  Ballou’s notebook looks at the difficult adjustment the White Sox in going from Wakefield to Daniel Bard.

Today and tomorrow is the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon, and even if you don’t want to listen to the station, I highly recommend making a donation and having a part in this great event.


One thought on “Vintage Papi Hits Walk Off Blast

  1. maybe I’m just too much of an Angry Old Bastard HOWEVER…First off let me say I do donate to the Jimmy Fund, but I do it in my own way. Every year I donate during the Christmas season. I find WEEI to be too annoying even when they do a telethon. Even during a telethon they take that, “It’s all about US attitude. Then you have the 2 morning ass clowns, Dennis and Callahan. All year long they, spew their hateful crap. Then come Telethon time they turn into the, “sicky sweet duo”….GIVE ME A BREAK….I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Callahan mock certain people with cancer (most likely a democrat politician or some gay celeb)……..yes I donate but not during the WEEI telethon…..no thank you…


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