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  • 98-5 still needs to adjust that volume coming in and out of breaks on the online stream. #
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  • Tanguay says Bill Belichick and Rodney Harrison will be guests on their show this morning. #
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7 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-08-14

  1. haven’t really listened to 98.5 yet (NOT that I’m listening to EEI)…but some of those twitter updates sounded good….Felger hung up on those 2 clowns thats GOOD…..and the guests they had on sounded VERY GOOD. Maybe I’ll give them a shot starting Monday.


        1. I hear from Fox25 people that he’s a nice guy, but his on-air shtick is as bad as it gets and personally I think he’s pretty stupid when it comes to sports.

          People like him get their jobs for reasons other than knowledge about the subject matter that they report on. i.e. hard work, solid connections, luck.


    1. Felger’s exact words after hanging up on both callers (complete with the ‘you’ve lost on the Price is Right’ sound effect) was, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

      And FWIW, Damon ‘DA’ Amendolara has been a breath of fresh air on the sports radio airwaves these last few days, and I hope he becomes a big name in this market. He knows his sports (great analysis of why the Patriots might use more of the 4-3 defense) and handles his callers with respect, even when they might not deserve it. Someone called in to DA’s show to blame Theo Epstein for Ortiz and Daisuke showing up to spring training out of shape because the GM is responsible for constantly monitoring his players. Had this been an EEI program, the host definitely would have interrupted the caller and started berating him for being an idiot; instead DA let the caller state his opinion and then he responded without cutting him off, talking over him or talking down to him. Not many hosts can pull that off but he did.

      I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing it is to listen to this kind of sportstalk (with great reception no less) on the radio. I thought it no longer existed in Boston.


  2. re: 98.5

    From talking to people and reading comments it’s apparant that a lot of people can’t stand Gresh.

    He sounds like one of the two retards that Fox Sports has on at night now – Petros and Money. Just an over the top, loud mouth, no nothing, know it all.

    WBZ should be the anti-WEEI and Gresh belongs in a booth with DeOssie and Fred.


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