For a few brief moments last night, it appeared that the Red Sox actually had a chance of coming out of the Bronx with a win and avoiding the sweep. With a 2-1 lead thanks to a great outing from Jon Lester, and a two run homer from Victor Martinez, Daniel Bard came in to start the eighth and quickly retired the first two batters. Jonathan Papelbon was warming in the pen. Then Bard gave up back-to-back home runs to Johnny Damon and Mark Teixeira, and tacked on another two runs for a 5-2 lead. That was the final score, as Mariano Rivera came in and picked up his 32nd save of the season.

Amalie Benjamin has the new Yankee Stadium rocking with three curtain calls for their heroes last night. Michael Silverman says that the Red Sox are in a world of hurt right now. Daniel Barbarisi has the back-to-back bombs in the eighth the difference last night. Dom Amore says that the Yankees came up aces all weekend long. Jason Dachman has the offense letting down good pitching all series long.

Alex Speier has the Red Sox season reaching a crisis.  Bob Ryan says that this is a down time for sure, but August 10 is not the end of the season. Sean McAdam has a look at how Terry Francona is trying to guide his club through these tough times. Bill Burt says it’s time for Francona to start earning his $4 million salary. Joe Haggerty says that the Red Sox best hope is that they have a bunch of scrappers on the team.

Nick Cafardo thinks that the Yankees clinched the AL East last night. Steve Buckley says that the Yankees are practically unbeatable right now and the Red Sox just aren’t good enough to overtake them.  Jeff Jacobs thinks that the Curse of John Henry’s Tweet is now in effect. You can check all the ecstatic New York reaction at

Adam Kilgore says that last night, Daniel Bard shed the adjective unhittable from before his name. McAdam has Bard at a loss for answers after his outing last night.

Buckley has Victor Martinez  excited for his Fenway debut as a member of the Red Sox tonight. Ryan thinks that the Sox might’ve asked too much of Kevin Youkilis by asking him to play the outfield in this series. Barbarisi reports on the closed-door special team meeting for the Red Sox prior to the game last night. Kilgore has a look at Fernando Cabrera, the latest PawSox reliever to cycle through to the big club.

Brian MacPherson has a look at the complicated process of signing drafted players.

The Globe has The ballad of David Ortiz in the Editorial section.

Be sure to check out Ken Fang’s Review of The Lost Son of Havana.

Benjamin’s notebook has Junichi Tazawa getting his first start for the Red Sox tomorrow night. Silverman’s notebook has more on the start for Tazawa. Barbarisi’s Red Sox journal has more on Tazawa. Dachman’s notebook also looks at the Japanese rookie getting the start tomorrow night.

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8 thoughts on “Yankees Complete Four Game Sweep of Sox

  1. Forget WEEI, Bill Burt is the king of the lowest common denominator.

    He represents the most ignorant fans. I’m convinced that he takes whatever topic is on the mind of the five stupidest callers to the baseball show on Saturday and turns that into a column fro Monday.

    Isn’t it time for another one from him about how the Sox should commit $100 million to J Bay?

    Seriously anyone that watched or listened to the baseball show this weeks, knows this column was entirely lifted from it. Just wish I could remember the caller’s name…

    Bill, what does Francona’s team “need him” to do, teach them how to swing the bat? The problem lies with Theo this season – he gave Tito a weak lineup.


  2. *yawn*….and here we go with the “knights of the keyboard” jumping the gun, rushing to judgment,and declaring the the Sox dead….and if the Sox turn it around in a few weeks?….They will make excuses, try to spin what they wrote, or more likely get a case of temporary amnesia and just ignore what they wrote……so old, so tiring…..(just like Dennis and Callahan AKA the “Steroid Exposing Heros”)


    1. I’ve pronounced the Red Sox dead since the All Star break ended? What do I win if I’m right?
      Do you mean to tell me D and C were able to take time off from their Daily 18 Hole Adventure to expose steroid abuse?


      1. Jon:

        They don’t just expose steriod abuse, but also have the right opinion on every “watercooler” topic out there. It’s amazing how they do the headlines daily and know everything about whatever the subject is that day.


  3. OK, so let’s see..

    WEEI vs TheSportsHub

    6am-10am D&C vs T&R….draw sadly.
    10am-2pm D&H vs Tanguay and Zolak…D&H by landslide.
    2pm-6pm The Big Sh*t vs Felger and Mazz…I can’t believe I am writing this…but near draw. If Felger and Mazz act like Big Show lite…then I’m all set.
    6pm-11pm Mikey vs Damon something?…WEEI because I live in Rhode Island and Mikey is preempted by Sox and Celtics all year long.

    If thesportshub sticks with this schedule…they won’t be noticed in a few months.


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