• Ordway this afternoon: We (WEEI) are more fixated on this (Ortiz) than the public is. Rare bit of candor, though unintentional #
  • Wow: RT @AmalieBenjamin Youkilis in left tonight with Bay out. #redsox #
  • RT @GlobeSox: Clarification: Early report may have been premature. It's unclear when and if Ortiz will speak today. – http://bit.ly/bRtLU #
  • instead of the usual 20 minute commercial blocks, WEEI is going to 60-90 second blocks every few minutes it seems. #
  • David Ortiz to speak at 3:30 this afternoon from Yankee Stadium. #
  • EEI has been mixing up their commercial breaks, getting back right at the top of the hour, and then going to a flash 5 minutes later. #
  • The Phoenix – Did the Globe drop the steroid ball? #redsox http://tr.im/vLFh #
  • Adam Schefter on Patriots.com radio right now. http://bit.ly/F37aB #
  • #burnnotice comment contest at bottom of BSMW post today. http://bit.ly/107XHN @jeffrey_donovan #
  • RT @bostonradio: Thoughts and condolences with Herald's media reporter Jessica Heslam and her family http://tinyurl.com/n9ul5l #
  • BSMW Network Post: Prove It or Lose It http://tr.im/vJ0Y #
  • BSMW Network Post: Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-08-05 http://tr.im/vGMk #

2 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-08-06

  1. As far as I’m concerned, the SportsHub has already improved the Boston sports radio scene. For one thing, no more Felger on ‘EEI. For another, the new clock is a vast improvement. One of my big pet peeves with the way that ‘EEI has operated is the ridiculous break lengths. The more frequent but very short interruptions of the past couple of days is a tremendous upgrade of the listening experience.


  2. a “tremendous upgrade of the listening experience” would be if WEEI fired 97% of their hosts


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