I’ve gotten some requests for how to follow BSMW on Twitter. (Despite the big box to the right here.) Since Twitter is here to stay, (I’ve had my account there since March of 2007) you might want to get familiar with it. It is more than just simply posting inane messages about where you are or what you’re doing. Used properly, it can be a great source of information and a way to be alerted to breaking news. The search feature on Twitter is also extremly powerful. Using http://search.twitter.com/ or the search box on the main Twitter page allows you to see what people are currently saying about almost any topic. The “trending topics” list is often a way that you can see what news is currently breaking, as thousands of people “Tweet” about it.

Here are the BSMW-related Twitter accounts you can follow:

BSMW – @bruceallen

Fang’s Bites – @fangsbites

Patriots Daily – @patriotsdaily

Sports Media News – @sportsmedianews

To follow these accounts sign up a Twitter.com and then add the above account to the end of the Twitter address:

http://www.twitter.com/bruceallen for instance. Then you can click the “Follow” button and you will get the updates I post there.

If you don’t want to sign up for Twitter, you can either keep up with the posts in the box to the right here, or just by going to the http://www.twitter.com/bruceallen address and seeing what I’ve recently posted.

Some other Twitter accounts you might be interested in:

Dan Kennedy (Media Nation) @dankennedy_nu

Jon Couture – @JonCouture

Gary Tanguay – @Gary_Tanguay

Jerry Remy – @Jerry_Remy

Amalie Benjamin – @AmalieBenjamin

Mike Reiss – @MikeReiss

Christopher Price – @capeleaguer

Tom E Curran – @tomecurran

Jon Duke – @CSL_Duke

Bill Simmons – @sportsguy33

Jessica Camerato – @jcamerato

NE Patriots – @realpatriots

Boston Radio Watch – @bostonradio

Chad Finn – @GlobeChadFinn

All of the above accounts are pretty active, and should keep your account full of information and posts.

Are you following someone that you’ve found entertaining or informative? Post it in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Twitter Links

  1. Joe Haggerty

    You don’t even need an account with Twitter though. Joe can send his thoughts straight to your mind. He also routinely defies gravity.


  2. That’s why I didn’t include him! I swear, I was driving around at lunchtime today, and Haggerty was speaking to me out of thin air…it was crazy.

    Wait, he was co-hosting on Dale & Holley today? Oh.


  3. i’m waiting for gerry callahan to get an email account. which begs the question; does he have a rotary phone or does he drive to shawsheen plaza and use a payphone?


    1. a man of Callahan’s stature would never twitter or tweet…he also would never wear a team jersey or cheer the home team….I believe Callahan has said he’s taken his son to some games. I wonder what Callahan does while he’s there?…I bet he just sits there in his sweater vest with a stoic look on his face.


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