It was a rocky first inning in a Boston Red Sox uniform for John Smoltz, who gave up four runs on four hits in the frame. On the other side, Jordan Zimmermann, who was born almost a year to the day after Smoltz was drafted by the Detroit Tigers had his way with the Red Sox, as the Nationals posted a 9-3 win in the series finale.

John Tomase says Smoltz should get a mulligan for his first inning as a Red Sox pitcher. Adam Kilgore has Zimmermann outpitching Smoltz on this night. Joe McDonald has Smoltz and the Red Sox liking how the right-hander finished his outing.

Michael Silverman says that despite the first inning, there were a number of promising signs in Smoltz last night. Nick Cafardo says that it might’ve been a tough start for Smoltz, but it’s certainly not the end. Dan Lamothe though, says that Smoltz was an EPIC FAIL last night.

Nationally, Ken Rosenthal says that Smoltz really wasn’t all that bad last night.

Silverman says that pitching depth has put the Red Sox in a good position. McDonald says that Smoltz’s debut last night was another piece of the Red Sox offseason blueprint being put into place.

Kilgore’s Minor League notebook has catcher Mark Wagner showing off his bat at AA Portland.

Chad Finn talks to Dennis Eckersley about his stint in the booth, filling in for Jerry Remy.

Tomase’s notebook has David Ortiz hitting the cleanup spot last night, a spot he might see more of in the future. Kilgore’s notebook has Jonathan Papelbon talking All Star game. McDonald’s Red Sox journal has Ortiz pleased with getting his 1000th career RBI on Wednesday night.


The Celtics stood pat last night, not making any trades, and instead just holding onto their one draft pick at #58 overall and using it on University of Tennessee-Martin guard Lester Hudson, who was second in NCAA Div I scoring last season.

Mike Fine says that it was a long night with little to do for Ainge. Steve Bulpett says that it is all about the now for Ainge and the Celtics, who may yet make some moves. Marc J. Spears notes that with the Celtics standing still, there was activity all around them in the Eastern Conference yesterday. Paul Flannery fires off five things we learned about the draft last night.

Dan Shaughnessy says that now is not the time to trade Rajon Rondo. Alan Siegel says that it appears that Rondo is staying put for now. Scott Souza has Ainge saying again that the Celtics are not looking to trade Rondo. Mark Murphy has Doc Rivers saying he has no doubts that Rondo and Ray Allen will be here next season. Murphy has Rondo’s camp miffed over Ainge’s comments on WEEI earlier this week.

Robert Lee thinks that the addition of Shaq to the Cavs might change the Celtics offseason plans. Bulpett has Rivers viewing all the trades made in the East yesterday as no big deal.

Murphy’s notebook has a look at Hudson, who impressed Ainge with his scoring ability. Frank Dell’Apa’s notebook has more on Hudson, who had a long, hard road to last night.


Kevin Paul Dupont ponders what Phil Kessel might be worth in a trade. Steve Conroy says that there might be a lot of moves made tonight, but don’t count on the Bruins being big players. Bud Barth thinks that it is possible that Kessel might get dealt. Mike Loftus has the Bruins taking a little different approach to the draft this year.

Joseph Gravellese wonders if there is anyone in this draft who can make the Bruins better. Dupont’s notebook has the Bruins looking to move up in the draft. Conroy looks at who could be on the Bruins radar at No. 25.


Michael Felger attacks Celtics fans in his mailbag.

Mike Reiss has Matt Light participating in the NFL’s third-annual Broadcast Boot Camp.


Finally this morning, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Ken Fang to BSMW. You know Ken from the Friday megalinks, which will still be published here on the front page each week, but in between Ken is going to writing at the new BSMW Fang’s Bites blog each day.

If you’re familiar with Ken’s blog, you know he tirelessly posts at all hours about all things. This blog will be focused solely on sports media, with a regional emphasis of here in New England. Each day he’s going to bring us sports media links and news, and will provide commentary and analysis of the local sports media. I think he’s going to be a terrific addition to the site. His blog is still a work-in-progress design-wise, but we’re getting there. The focus is on the content for now. Welcome, Ken!

10 thoughts on “Smoltz Shaky in Sox Debut

  1. Will he do a dedicated Joe Haggerty blog at least twice a day? I mean that is justified given the number of brilliant articles and tweets that Joe is writing.


  2. I didn’t think Smoltz was that bad either, Rosenthal was right on. The Globe and Herald beat up on him a bit, but outside of the first inning he was pretty good.

    the That Dirty Water blog and Rosenthal all hinted on the same points about Smoltz not being that bad.

    He’s better than DiceK anyway.


  3. I don’t know how the media can put a certain spin, positive or negative, on Smoltz’s outing. I also understand that nobody, myself included, has a crystal ball. So for anyone to think he’s going to either be just fine or inconsistent for the remainder of the season, I’m not sure how they can get that from one start. The bottom line is that Smoltz did not pitch well enough to give his team a chance to win. He put them in an early hole. Does that mean he will be a 42-year-old flop? No. Does his four other innings mean he will give them chance to win most of his starts? No. We will just have to wait to see what he does. That’s what it comes down to.


    1. Dave, you are being way too rational….with that kind of thinking there would be no reason to have sportswriters with their expert opinions and predictions….no reason for sports radio….no reason for shows like, “Around The Horn”….hmmmmm….you may have something there…


  4. Speaking of Felger, he is co-hosting Dale & Holley for the next week or so. Let’s hope that the Great White Dhale is finally harpooned up there at Mantits Pond or whatever it is and we no longer have to listen to him.


    1. BTW has Dale filled in on any of the Wednesday night Red Sox radio broadcasts this year? Everytime I’ve tuned in it’s been John Rish with Joe Castig. Is Dale not part of the O’Brien fill-in rotation this year, or did I miss the announcement that Rish was promoted to number one play-by-play substitute?


      1. I have not heard Dale at all this season, an occurrence that may make me believe that there is a God and he has been listening to my prayers.


    2. I think it was Papoose Pond, Rick. I work all day with no access to EEI so it’s been ages since I’ve listened to D&H.


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