With no games last night, just a few quick links for this morning…

Chris Warner on Patriots Daily has a few thoughts on the UFL.

The Bruins rewarded GM Peter Chiarelli with a new multi-year contract yesterday. Stephen Harris has Chiarelli being rewarded for transforming the franchise. Michael Felger says that it is time for Chiarelli to earn his money. Mick Colageo has Jeremy Jacobs making good on his word. Mike Loftus says that this was an important piece of business for the Bruins to get done.

Bill Burt says we can blame Josh Beckett for the Red Sox seemingly never-ending carousel at shortstop. John Tomase has Hanley Ramirez set to show the Red Sox what they’re missing. Tony Massarotti examines what the Red Sox options might be for fitting John Smoltz onto the roster. Bill Ballou and Lenny Megliola have more on the pitching problem facing the Sox. Kevin McNamara looks over the cupcake schedule facing the Red Sox for the next month. Rob Bradford has Jonathan Papelbon explaining why this has been his most satisfying season.

Jim Fenton has the dethroned Celtics left to ponder “what if.” Dan Shaughnessy says Lakers fans are delusional, but also manages to take a shot at the Patriots and their fans as well.

Jeff Howe has Leigh Bodden and Paris Lenon talking about moving from 0-16 to the Patriots.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday QuickLinks

  1. Can anybody include the fact that Hanley is a subpar to very poor fielding SS in any of these “one that got away” articles? He averaged around 24 Es per season in ’06, ’07 & ’08 and already has 5 this season. I know that this is not the cutting edge measure of fielding ability these days but the Fielding Bible has him as the 2nd worst frielding SS in the ML behind Jeter in the last three seasons. Why is this information conveniently left out? The Sox actually talked about putting him in CF to replace Damon because of this reason.


  2. Marlins at Fenway, Fishing legend Ted Williams never would have stood for this…June 16th, a sad remembrance for TV’s Mikey, pop rock ended your life before your time…I plan my weekends around the Interweb’s Ken of Fang’s weekend picks…Maybe Ken will know why my tv is only showing This Old House and va-va-voom Susan Wornick…Some question the Patriot Act, but you won’t after you see GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra,this summer’s must see picture…Who else thinks the Lakers and Penquins should face off in an old fashioned tobboganing race…Congrats to Chris Warner on his new UFL football team…Baseball isn’t a metaphor for life, but it is a simile, because of the similies it puts on kids faces, time to start the World Series when kids can watch commish…French doors…Ahoy Sea Shepherds, ask The Bible’s Captain Ahab and Job how nice whales really are…Ice Cream Trucks, Little League baseball and warm sunny days are what ruins summer…Why is it so hard to find fried beans, refried beans are everywhere…These photos of the riots in Iran are disturbing, I understand the excitement over the Lakers and Penquins wins, but this is not the way to celebrate


  3. Once the Globe ceases to become the “17 percent” voice of Red Sox Nation (if the NY Times Co. can find a buyer for them), will the CHB then stop pounding Pats’ fans every chance he gets?


    1. I think we might be down to a 0 newspaper town when the Globe dies and everyone suddenly realizes that the Herald sucks too.


  4. does anyone know gerry callahan’s email at the herald? for some reason it’s not listed at the end of his columns in the print edition or on their website.


        1. Bruce used to have a list of sports media emails located somewhere on the site. It might be in the archives


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