This information was just passed along by Gary Roy at NESN:

The Red Sox swept the Yankees at Fenway Park this week and Red Sox fans were watching on NESN in near record numbers. NESN averaged a 16.7 HH rating in the Boston DMA for the three games, the network’s best 3 game series since August of 2007 (16.8). NESN’s season average continues to rise (9.4 HH) as the Red Sox travel to Philadelphia to take on the defending World Series Champion Phillies this weekend.

The Red Sox likely got off to a slower than usual start in the ratings this season not just because of the absence of Jerry Remy, but more likely because in April and May either the Bruins or Celtics (and sometimes both) were on nearly every night during that span. Some of the Red Sox games were bumped to a NESN Plus channel which probably lowered the ratings a bit. Plus the Red Sox went to the West coast twice, which resulted in the late night starts and even later finishes.


2 thoughts on “Sox Sweep is Sweet for NESN

  1. Would people not really tune in because Remy wasn’t on the broadcast? “Honey, Rem Dawg’s not on tonight. Get me a radio so I can turn this darn TV off.”


    1. I agree.. no matter the sport they could put 3 chimps in the booth for all I care. I know what I’m watching, half the time whatever they are saying goes in one ear and out the other. It’s like background noise/elevator music.


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