What? A Red Sox/Yankees game last night and no full links?

Yeah, I suck. I know.

Too much going on early this morning to allow me to get the links in, so we’ll push you over to the link sites for today. RedSoxLinks.com has all the local coverage from last night, while NYYankeesLinks.com will give you the Gotham City perspective.

Polling continues in yesterday’s Who is the best Red Sox Writer?  post – but things are getting interesting in the comment section, or should I say the friends and family section? Wait, comments coming from Fenway Park? What’s going on?

The Patriots are holding their mandatory mini-camp starting today. There should be news all day coming from Foxboro.

Also head over to Patriots Daily today, where Chris Warner has a post on Roster Realities.


2 thoughts on “Red Sox Pound Yankees Behind Beckett

  1. Sox-Yankees a sure sign of Spring when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of frozen custard…New Hampshire should let someone else have the first primary this year…I never could understand why a Philly cheesesteak doesn’t have Philadephia cream cheese…it’s past time to hold an All Star Game at Ebbets Field..if the Dodgers didn’t move that Manny would get hit by a streetcar…How about those Amish…When I was a kid I would stare at my radio all day even when Pop didn’t pay the Electric, Coal and Ice bill…Cream cheese does not taste good on steak.


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