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BURLINGTON, MA – Comcast SportsNet, New England’s original regional sports network, was honored with a New England Emmy Award in the Sports One-Time Special category for Manny Being Manny: The Final Days in Boston. The 2009 Emmy is Comcast SportsNet’s 11 Emmy this decade.

Manny Being Manny examined the key moments in Manny Ramirez’s final season as a member of the Red Sox, including his hiring of super agent Scott Boras, the Kevin Youkilis dugout incident, the Jack McCormick clubhouse incident, his no swing at-bat in Yankee Stadium and his mysterious July knee injury.

Honored with Emmys were Kevin Miller, coordinating producer; William Bridgen, executive producer; Steve Reagan, executive producer; Torey Champagne, producer/editor; TJ Powers, graphics/editor and Tom Guilmette, videographer.

“Manny Being Manny was a special project for Comcast SportsNet and our production team is honored to be recognized with an Emmy Award,” said Bill Bridgen, Comcast SportsNet executive vice president and general manager.

NBC held a noon conference call (Still going on, actually) to officially announce the additions of Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy to their Football Night in America lineup.

Dick Ebersol, the Chairman of NBC Sports and Executive Producer of FNA had the following to say about Harrison:

“Rodney is someone we’ve had our eye on. He is a strong communicator and personality, and our initial thoughts about him were confirmed when he did a terrific job for us at the Super Bowl. We have no doubt that Rodney will be as hard-hitting with his opinions as he was with his body on the football field.

“To paraphrase one of his teammates, ‘Rodney was as blunt with his opinions as he was with this hits.’”

In the call, Harrison talked about his approach to his new job, and the need to be candid. He said that there would be times when he would need to be “brutally honest with guys you played with, guys who are your friends” – he then gave the example of if when the Patriots play the Colts this year, and Tom Brady is not performing, and the talk is that his knee is bothering him, Harrison is going to need to point that out.

If more of interest is said, I’ll try to pass it along. Update: Such as what Harrison said about Peyton Manning.


10 thoughts on “CSN wins Emmy for Manny Being Manny, Harrison to NBC Official

  1. Manny Being Manny also was runner up for the “Most Replayed Local Original Programming.” Is was edged out by the Phantom Gourmet’s “Snack Attack” episode which was rerun 129 times to the Manny Being Manny’s 123 times.


  2. …I’m just curious…what was the competition?…just who/what did they edge out for this ‘award”?…..The crazy fisherman dude?…..Sox Appeal?….Cable Access Star Trek Geek Show?


    1. There were only two nominees in the category, both for Comcast SportsNet:

      Sports One-Time Special (2)

      Manny Being Manny: The Final Days in Boston

      Drive for 17: Championship Season


      1. Wow…stiff competition. Comcast must be the only network with enough disposable income to pay the entry fee. What a joke. PHANTOM DISSAPROVED!!!


      2. There’s Boston sports in a nutshell: a crazy person getting traded is bigger news than the C’s winning a title.

        I predict Felger’s gallant stand against people who dislike child abuse will win next year.


  3. AOB, I think you’re pretty close on that competition. That MBM special was a total crap production.

    Rodney is definitely an upgrade over Bettis on the Sunday night NBC pregame show, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of rapport he develops with Tiki, who I’m sure he’ll be paired up with for segments.


  4. It won because the lemmings in this town continue eat up that tripe. Boston, to its core, loves misery. Manny was a paradox; he brought joy and misery at the same time. Because nothing can ever be good enough around here, people latch onto this negative documentary.


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