Former FOX Sports Radio host and rumor monger extraordinaire Ben Maller will be filling in for Mike Adams on WEEI’s “Planet Mikey” tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night.

A little about Maller from his online bio:

Ben Maller is an entertaining voice of sarcasm as a weekend host and the “sixth man” of Fox Sports Radio.

Ben’s unique, sarcastic, common-man view on sports mixed with a passionate cynical attitude has created a loyal audience. On the air, Maller takes it one call at a time and goes by the simple philosophy that “most games are lost, not won.”

Maller’s 13-year radio career began in the early 90’s as a reporter for XTRA Sports 690 AM in San Diego, and has included stops at Radio Sports Creations, and at KXTA in Los Angeles in the late 90’s as the host of the popular “Ben & Dave Show,” as well as the host of Dodger Talk.

Ben has broken a number of stories over the past few years on his popular Internet site,, having received credit in major newspapers including the Philadelphia Daily News, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Los Angeles Daily News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Oregonian, Arizona Republic and San Antonio Express-News among others. Popular sports sites such as,,, and NBA gossip site have also credited Ben’s site.
Maller has made numerous television appearances including the popular “Sports List” show on FSN.

Ben attended Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. The Native of Orange County is single and lives next to Dodger Stadium.


12 thoughts on “Ben Maller Filling In For Planet Mikey This Week


  2. I like Big Ben. Doesn’t take himself too seriously and has a fun show.

  3. Has it been mentioned that Ryen Rusillo is going to host the mid-afternoon show on ESPN radio?

    1. This is the first I’ve heard of it Rick, but after further research I found out that Russillo will be part of the revamped ‘Scott Van Pelt’ show from 2-4pm beginning July 6. He certainly deserves something more permanent in Bristol with all the fill-in work he does for ESPN radio.

      I must admit when I first read this I thought he might be hosting the local afternoon show on 890.

  4. “voice of sarcasm”….”cynical attitude”…..great, we don’t enough of that around here

  5. Ben’s website,, is visited by numerous members of the radio media on a daily basis. You ofter hear them reference, verbatim, article after article that Ben features on his site.

    Mike Adams used to do so during the first segment of his show, though I don’t know if he still does.

    It is a phenomenal one-stop site to get a broad range of sports news and information. It’s not updated on weekends, though.

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