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We have to give (Boston’s own) Peter King credit for scoring the first extensive interview with Tom Brady since the Patriots’ All-World quarterback was lost for the season on opening day last September.

In the story, (Tom Brady is Back ) posted on SI.com, we see clearly that #12 has lost none of the fire and zeal for the game which made him so adored in these parts, and which also put him at the very top of the NFL.

We get a glimpse of Brady’s offseason workouts with Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Joey Galloway and Greg Lewis, and learn what caused the infamous staph infection which initially cause his recovery to be set back a bit.

Plus, you just have to love this quote:

With his voice rising as he leaned forward in his chair, Brady said that playing 10 more seasons “is a big goal of mine, a very big goal. I want to play until I’m 41. And if I get to that point and still feel good, I’ll keep playing. I mean, what the hell else am I going to do? I don’t like anything else.

As pointed out by the BSMW message board posters however, critics will still manage to find things to twist take out of context. Here is a prediction of how ProFootballTalk.com’s Mike Florio will summarize the article:

  • Brady says he’ll play ten more years – but made no commitment to New England beyond 2010
  • Struggling to regain timing with Moss
  • Calls self “real gladiator” while mocking the nation’s space program and armed forces
  • Considers self bigger than game, team; was surprised that game carried on without him
  • Turned owner, head coach against team’s medical staff
  • Sees son only once a month
  • Currently running illegal practices
  • Has “family friend” do his surgery

8 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Football?

  1. Did S.I. have to run a photo of Brady wearing a jersey with the Super Bowl XLII patch on the shoulder? (Meaning that the photo was taken that infamous day.)

    Bad memories man. Bad memories.


  2. Bruce, I took a look at PFT and so far Florio has only give a quick recap of the article. He has not been a weasel yet. The commenters on the other hand are having a field day calling him “Brett Brady” and other things as well.


  3. Shank sounds a little miffed this morning that Peter King got the interview and not the local media.


  4. Shaughnessy better watch out, as King is now part of the local media (in a geographical sense) when it comes to the Patriots.

    “Brett Brady”? Does PK have a new binky now that he’s a Bostonian?


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