Michael Silverman has the Sox catching a break yesterday with Joe Mauer out of the lineup for the Twins. However, the Minnesota catcher entered the game as a pinch hitter in the ninth, and bombed a two run homer off closer Jonathan Papelbon to make the score 6-5 Boston. Papelbon retired the next batter and the Red Sox escaped with a win on the opening game of their longest road trip of the season. Amalie Benjamin has Mike Lowell chipping in with four hits from the DH spot in the lineup. Daniel Barbarisi has Jeff Bailey’s home run giving Papelbon the breathing room he needed.

Sean McAdam has Lowell earning himself a day off today. Rob Bradford says that life is good for these Red Sox right now. Nick Cafardo says that the Sox can trade Brad Penny if they wish, but they don’t seem inclined that way thus far. McAdam notes that Penny was pitching sick yesterday. Barbarisi has Penny turning in another consistent effort against the Twins.

Mike Fine has Sox batting coach Dave Magadan feeling David Ortiz’s pain, and working with him to get him going. Jeff Jacobs says that it is time to move Ortiz in the batting order.

Bill Burt wonders why Theo Epstein hasn’t signed Jason Bay up to a long-term extension. Glen Farley has Jeff Bailey cherishing the moments he has in the majors. Brian MacPherson notes that as of late, the Red Sox starters are the ones providing relief to the bullpen. He also has a look at John Smoltz getting ready to pitch in NH against the Fisher Cats in his rehab start.

Kevin McNamara has Dennis Eckersley speaking his mind on the NESN telecasts in relief of Jerry Remy – for better or for worse.

The Herald notebook says that the signs indicate that David Ortiz will be dropped in the batting order tonight. Benjamin’s notebook looks at another impressive performance from Clay Buchholz down on the farm. Barbarisi’s Red Sox journal also looks at the probability of Ortiz being dropped in the lineup.


Karen Guregian and Mike Reiss have Randy Moss telling ESPN that he feels that the 2009 Patriots offense could be even better than 2007.

Christopher Price selects the top five undrafted rookie free agents of the Bill Belichick era. Guregian has Houston Antwine honored to be a finalist for the Patriots Hall of Fame. Shalise Manza Young has Shawn Crable hoping to make an impact in the Patriots pass rush this season.

Mark Farinella feels that Foxboro will soon morph into “Kraftville.” Michael Felger says that the NFL has a pit bull problem.


17 thoughts on “Papelbon, Sox Hold On Against Twins

  1. Burt = Stearns = fodder for morons with no clue about business or economics.

    Attendance is down in every ballpark, even after almost every club lowered or froze ticket prices and lowered concession prices. Despite that, Sales of gear and concessions are down too.

    Who is going to outbid the Sox for Bay, and if another team wants to overpay for him, why should we care? If the latter happens, the Sox will be in a better position going forward than the team that overpays for Bay.

    I wonder if any of Theo’s critics on this issue have any experience in the business world or any knowledge whatsoever about what is going on with the economy. These people must think there is no recession going on.


    1. Theo doesn’t have any experience in the business world, either. And since the recession is national, it neither helps nor hurts the Sox chances of signing Bay. Burt’s column is rambling nonsense. But let’s not pretend that the guy who coveted free agents like Lugo and Renteria and Drew has this thing all figured out.


      1. “And since the recession is national, it neither helps nor hurts the Sox chances of signing Bay.”

        That is so far from being correct, rational or logical that you’ve almost left me without speech.

        If attendance is down 25% in ballpark A, but down only 5% in ballpark B, which team will be able to generate more revenue from ticket sales, team gear and concessions?

        It is back to the classroom for you Boda.


  2. It was my understanding that Scott Boras was also Bay’s agent, but apparently it is Joe Urbon.

    FWIW, Urbon was Jacoby Ellsbury’s agent until Boras signed him away.


  3. Apparently Mr. Farinella has a bone to pick with the Patriots and Robert Kraft. His smear campaign continues with today’s gem of a column. While some of it is on target, it’s hard to take it seriously in the context of the ‘woah is us media’ column he penned last week. It sounds like he has too much of an agenda, like we haven’t been down this road before.


  4. Would Mark Farinella have written that attack piece about “Kraftville” if the Pats had given him a Tom Brady exclusive interview? I think not. Basically, Mark has now gone to the mode where everything the Krafts do is wrong just because Mark has been pushed aside. I guess hell hath no fury like a reporter scorned.

    Invest in buying a run-down old stadium and all the land around it? Kraft is being greedy! Build shopping plazas, restaurants, a movie theater, a hotel, and a health center with their own sewer treatment plant on Rt. 1 and allowing others to tie into it? Kraft is building a fiefdom! Have some high-end retailers move into Foxboro? Kraft is being a snob! Bring high-paying jobs to the area during tough economic times by building a new high-tech office park? Kraft is stealing parking spaces from fans! Obviously, Mark would rather have the Pats pick up and move so that he can concentrate on covering his true love, high school sports.

    Of course, Mark can’t stop with only attacking Kraft and the Pats. He also has to take some swings at Foxboro. Why? Because we (yes, I’m a 4th generation Foxboro townie) voted to have the Pats here, and then voted again to keep them here? And we’ve let Kraft build up Rt. 1 so that our tax base is higher so we don’t have impossible tax hikes? Oh, the horror! Since in Mark’s eyes, the Kraft’s are dictator’s-in-training, we Foxboro residents therefore must be responsible for enabling them.

    Hey Mark, get a clue. Foxboro has always been a company town since the industrial revolution. First it was straw hats, then it was the Foxboro Company, now it’s the New England Patriots. We do what’s best for us, not for whiny sports writers who get their tailfeathers in a knot because they were willfully ignored.

    Let me know when your employer brings in millions of dollars every year into Foxboro. Until then, try showing a little respect to the hand that feeds you.


    1. Paul, I’ve been a Foxborough resident for eight years, have lived within a stone’s throw of the town for all but six years since 1954 and have covered the town both on the news side and sports since 1977, including the two years I spent at The Patriot Ledger. I’ve covered practically every game played in Foxboro since 1978 and I covered the town meeting that approved the new stadium — and that, following several columns I wrote supporting construction of the stadium, which drew the ire of anti-stadium pressure groups and the displaced residents of the trailer park that used to house employees of the Bay State Raceway. So your suggestion that I don’t understand the dynamic of the town is inaccurate.

      As for the rest of what you had to say, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. The only point I’ll make in regard to your other comments is that the only hand that feeds me is the United Communications Corp. of Kenosha, Wis., which owns The Sun Chronicle and the Foxboro Reporter, and that is the only corporate entity that deserves my “respect.”

      As for the Krafts, they have been the subjects of both praise and criticism in my columns. It’s your right to approve or disagree as you see fit.


      1. Mark,
        You may get the “dynamic” of our “nondescript” town, but you (and any of those folks in town that would complain about a sunny day) sure don’t understand our history. The majority of Foxboro has always been pro-big business ever since there was any. That someone is actually taking the desolate wasteland that was Rt. 1, developing it, and doing a darn good job doing it…well, I cheer it on. It’s not like someone is plopping a highrise on the common, for pete’s sake.

        Point taken on the “hand that feeds you”, but as a Foxboro taxpayer, you’d better respect what the Patriots have done for this town. Comparing the Krafts to a Chestburster from “Aliens” is a little over the top, don’t you think? What’s next? Are you going to compare the Bristol family to tapeworms, or perhaps blood sucking ticks? And if you don’t know who the Bristols are, go read a Jack Authelet book or visit Memorial Hall.

        I think it’s sad that you don’t respect any corporation that doesn’t pay you. A sign of the times, I suppose. There are ways to be respectful and still hold a public person’s or a corporation’s collective feet to the fire. Comparing them to alien killer parasites isn’t one of them.

        I just wish I could figure out what your point of writing the column was in the first place. Do you want Kraft sell his land and leave town? Do you want Rt. 1 returned to it’s appearance ca. 1971? Or do you just want Kraft to stop where he is? In short, Mark, what do you want? Quite frankly, I just don’t get it.

        FYI: I understand that real company towns prefer to be unincorporated so they don’t have to worry about pesky things like elections. So perhaps the Redskins didn’t try too hard to be their own town?

        BTW, the Ledger covered Foxboro? I was under the impression that Foxboro was always in the Chronicle Camp and that LedgerLand only extended to Sharon?


        1. Paul: I’d be glad to answer your questions, but would you mind sending me an e-mail at mfarinel@thesunchronicle.com so I can offer them without boring everyone else to tears? I will say, however, that I count Jack Authelet and the late Vinnie Igo as among my most treasured friends from the town, and I’m a Foxboro Company alum, too (summer help, natch). As for the Ledger, it had a long-standing presence in the “west edition” towns (Stoughton, Canton, Dedham, Walpole, Foxboro, Norwood, Sharon and a few others) when I worked there in 1987-89, but started pulling back even before Gatehouse got their hands on it. I can still buy a Ledger in the Stop & Shop, but they don’t cover anything in Foxboro anymore. … and finally, no, I don’t want the Krafts to leave town. They’ve worked a miracle. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun with a column that calls attention to some of the differences between the crowd Kraft wants to attract to Patriot Place and the local folks who are finding they can’t afford the new attraction in their midst.


          1. Mark,
            I will e-mail you, but I gotta tell you that if your column was meant to have some fun with the Krafts, I missed the joke (obviously).


  5. Great response Mark Farinella. I am glad you stood up for yourself. I read the sun chronicle and boston herald daily, and I enjoy your columns in the chronicle.

    You can please some people most of the time, most people some of the time, but you can never please everyone all of the time, specifically someone who likes to hide and post anonymously on this and other web sites.

    It’s like guys at the end of the night with beer muscles, except people hide behind the interent like Paul above. He likes to create vast conspiracies about his beloved teams when they aren’t bragged about daily or when a reporter doesn’t kiss the team’s butts. Good for you for reporting it as you see it Mark! More courage in what you do then just sucking up or hiding behind a computer anonymously.

    – Dan


    1. Dan,
      I, too, am a daily reader of the Sun Chronicle and have been for almost 20 years. I think Mark’s a good writer, but occasionally, Mark’s column makes me want to wad it up into a ball and peg him off the noggin with it (which can be argued it’s his job…after all, I did read it). This was one of those times.

      I don’t think there’s any kind of “vast conspiracy”. I just think that Mark’s professional feelings got hurt and he reacted with a smear piece (see: his “Tom Brady talks to Peter King” blog post followed by his “Kraftville” article). It’s not exactly difficult to connect the dots, here. I don’t want Mark to kiss anyone’s butt, but I do want him to be fair (or at least logical).

      Dan, I get the feeling that you are in the Felger camp, where everyone must be negative about the teams or they are “sucking up” to them. At least Felger does it for ratings & readship…what’s your excuse?

      BTW, does anyone else find it funny that an anonymous person is slamming me for being anonymous? Pot, kettle, black.


      1. You are definitely taking a different stance then previously, stating that Mark is a good writer, etc. I just think you attacked him personally instead of stating all of the facts. Nah, not in anyone’s camp (felger, etc) or completely negative, just can’t believe all of the hatred for some of the columnists in this city. It’s a bit much. They wouldn’t be writing these stories if they didn’t feel this way, have facts about what they are writing, or some sort of inside knowledge that we aren’t privy too. I enjoy reading the positive and negative, just can’t believe someone would be upset about the writer and attack him instead of you know, being upset that Ortiz can’t hit any more. Instead, we blame the writers for reporting on it? And as for being anonymous, I am curious if you ever actually email Mark or if that was all for show…. No one is asking for last names, but I am also curious if you would take the same stance against Mark if you were having this conversation with him in person.

        Anyways, I am sure you don’t and I know I don’t have time to go back and forth on this, but I just wanted to stand up for Mark.


        1. Thanks to both of you … but let me say that in no way did I take Paul’s comments as personal attacks. He had a legitimate beef with the tack my column took and expressed it straightforwardly, honestly and to the point. I can certainly respect that. Of course, I also appreciate Dan’s support … and the fact that both of you read my little newsletter for astronomers.


  6. I’d make a comment but I don’t know what the hell the, “Sun Chronicle” is. Is it some kind of a newsletter for astronomers or something?


  7. Let me boil down my feelings about Kraft this way: I’d rather have “Kraftville”, Massachusetts around down in Foxboro than the “Finneranville” we would have had down there had the corrupt, criminal, ex-Dictator of the House gotten his way in his petty personal dispute with the Pats’ owner.

    ‘Nuf said about that.


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