NESN has announced yet another series produced by Original NESN Entertainment (ONE).

Pocket Money is scheduled to debut in August 2009 and will feature 20 half-hour episodes that will air weekdays at 5:30 PM and 11:30 PM.

Pocket Money will be hosted by Boston sports super-fan as portrayed by comedian Nick Stevens. Fitzy will engage sports fans in public settings across the region and ask them New England sports trivia questions for a chance to win some ‘pocket money’ (in increments of $5, $10, and $20). The show will travel to popular locations including Boston Common, Fenway Park, MBTA stops, city streets, and college campuses.

Nick Stevens (aka Fitzy) is originally from Braintree, MA, and has been writing and performing sketch, standup and character comedy in NY for over ten years. In 2004 he was a contestant on the first season of ESPN’s Dream Job. He developed the Boston sports-obsessed “Fitzy” character which landed him a chance to cover the 2007 season of Monday Night Football for Currently he writes and hosts the Burly Sports Show for and has done on-air comedic commentary for several networks including VH1, CNN HN and the NFL Network.

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14 thoughts on “‘Fitzy’ Coming To NESN

  1. they stole this idea from sny. they have a show called beer money hosted by Chris Carlin. It’s ecactly the same thing


    1. The NESN release did have this line in it:

      Pocket Money, based on a concept originally developed by IMG


      So even though it is from Original NESN Entertainment (ONE) it’s not original NESN Entertainment.


  2. The show is owned by IMG and is licensed to various cable sports networks. SNY and Comcast SportsNet Chicago both have Beer Money. NESN is the third network to buy the franchise.


    1. he’s fairly popular in internet circles (at least I think he is) I know him from “youTube”. That’s the only place I’ve seen him. Pretty funny stuff….off course he’s going to have to tone it down alot for NESN, so it probably won’t be as good…..shows ya how much I know though, I thought his name really was Paul ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald


    2. He has been on WBCN and did a segment for WBZ TV morning news in the week before the Super Bowl in ’08.

      Always seemed to me that he was trying to hard.


      1. yeah, I think I saw him on WBZ once….not too good. ..I like his youtube stuff because it’s silly, profane and raunchy (guess that says alot about me)….on regular TV he has to tone it down so much, his act doesn’t work.


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