From Sports Media Watch:

In Boston, the game drew a 16.1 rating from 8-10:45 PM, down from the 17.3 Bulls/Celtics Game 7 drew in the market earlier this month. The 16.1 topped the 14.2 Hurricanes/Bruins Game 7 the previous Thursday. Not a single Celtics or Bruins playoff game could match the 17.9 rating the Red Sox’ home opener drew in April.

That last line is pretty amazing when you think about it. None of the postseason games could top Red Sox opening day. Those who say this is a Red Sox town first and foremost got more ammo here.

The Patriots routinely score in the mid-20’s for ratings and sometimes higher, but their games are more like “events’ that you schedule your weekend around.


6 thoughts on “Celtics Game Seven Scores for TNT

    1. The home opener was actually in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday, because the scheduled opener on Monday got rained out.

      How does the ratings system account for DVR’s? Because I didn’t watch the Sox home opener live, but I did tape it.


  1. All I know is that for the next two months the only conversation on sportsradio will be about what to do with David Ortiz. No B’s or C’s off-season plans, just Papi talk.


  2. Jason is 100 percent correct. Orbway and his ilk will be all wall-to-wall Ortiz talk with some Mannygate stuff thrown in for good measure. Ugh!

    Change the station, lower your blood pressure, and save some brain cells in the process.


  3. In defense of the casual fan, people are not used to a 7th game, especially 2nd round, being on Sunday night on TNT. I don’t remember a 7th game not being on ABC or whatever broadcast network had the rights.


  4. I get it because the Red Sox are no longer a sports team, but a “thing”, a soap opera that casual people tune into. Celtics and Bruins fans tend to be hardcore sports fans, not US Weekly readers.


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