Heading into the sixth inning last night in Cleveland, the Red Sox trailed the Indians 5-0. Jon Lester had struggled early on, but managed to stay in the game. Over the next few innings, the Red Sox rallied to tie the game at 5-5, sending it into extra innings. In the tenth inning, with two outs, recent callup Jonathan Van Every strode to the plate to face his former minor league roommate.

Van Every hit a 420 foot home run, which gave the Red Sox a 6-5 lead, a lead that was saved in the bottom of the inning by Jonathan Papelbon.

Amalie Benjamin recaps a wild night in Cleveland. John Tomase notes the connection between Van Every and John Farrell. Kevin McNamara has a guy who never got his chance with the Indians coming back to haunt them.

Nick Cafardo writes that baseball is built for nights like last night, when a guy who has toiled for years in the minors can be called up and be the hero. This is the perfect type of story for Cafardo, and he does Van Every justice with it. Michael Silverman has the Red Sox bullpen walking a four inning scoreless tightrope last night. Rob Bradford says that this will be one of those “remember when” moments of the season.

McNamara notes that the Red Sox clubhouse fits Jason Bay just fine. Joe McDonald has a look at the Red Sox operation in Portland, Maine with the Sea Dogs.

Benjamin’s notebook has John Smoltz suffering a setback with some shoulder discomfort. Tomase’s notebook says that Smoltz will take a week off as a result. McNamara’s notebook has Daisuke Matsuzaka throwing a successful bullpen session yesterday.


The Celtics will look to close out the hard-charging Chicago Bulls tonight at the United Center.

Mark Murphy has a feature on Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who is holding everything together for the undermanned Celtics. Frank Dell’Apa has the Celtics looking to put an end to this series tonight. Jim Fenton has the Celtics really hoping to end the series and get a little breather. Tim Weisberg says that the Celtics are about to ratchet up the intensity even more. He also cites a Chicago writer on NBCChicago.com who is going after Kevin Garnett, calling him “the worst person in the world.”

Bill Burt and Jessica Camerato each look at Stephon Marbury and the roller coaster ride he has been on. Camerato has clips from Marbury’s recent interview on E:60. Robert Lee has Marbury one game away from his first ever playoff series victory.

Steve Bulpett has the Celtics reserves struggling for both minutes and points. Dan Shaughnessy says that we shouldn’t worry too much about the high workload being put on the Celtics starters. They’re going to be eliminated sometime soon and there will be plenty of time to rest then. Scott Souza says that the intensity of this series is wearing on the Celtics.

Bulpett’s notebook has Rajon Rondo being cleared by the league. Robert Lee has Rondo doing it all for the depleted Celtics.

Danny Ainge made his first Big Show appearance since his heart attack. I’m still shaking my head at Butch Stearns asking Ainge about the heart attack by saying “Was it a real eye opener for you, did it come out of the clear blue?


Fluto Shinzawa has a feature on Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference, who is leaving his mark outside hockey as an activist and adventurer.

Kevin Paul Dupont has the former Whalers fans once again getting together to root against the Bruins. Stephen Harris says that this is a different Carolina club than what the Bruins faced in the regular season. Graig Woodburn examines what the Bruins should learn from the demise of the San Jose Sharks.

Mike Loftus says that rest and experience have Phil Kessel at the top of his game. Fran Sypek has Ray Bourque liking the Bruins Stanley Cup changes. Mick Colageo says that it is back to the future for these two clubs. Bud Barth has Mark Recchi knowing that his old teammates are now his new foes. Dan Duggan reviews the season series with the Hurricanes.

Shinzawa’s notebook has the Bruins glad to have an opponent to prepare for. Harris’ notebook says that Ference is likely to play in game one. Barth’s notebook thinks that the Hurricanes are a favorable matchup for the Bruins.


Christopher L. Gasper profiles the Patriots top draft pick, Patrick Chung. Michael Felger has his draft mailbag. Bill Reynolds has undrafted Liam Coen not ready to give up his NFL dream.

Mark Farinella weighs in down in the comment section, responding to a query about what he and his paper are doing in the age of new media to try and keep up. He’s blogging, Tweeting, and generally trying to do what it takes to keep relevant.

14 thoughts on “Van Every Saves The Night For Sox

  1. You summation of Dan Shaughnessy’s piece today “we shouldn’t worry too much about the high workload being put on the Celtics starters. They’re going to be eliminated sometime soon and there will be plenty of time to rest then” was a complete misrepresentation of what the article was about. It actually was somewhat interesting piece for Shank. I know you can’t stand him like most of us, but that wasn’t fair.


    1. Really? The title of the column is “Don’t worry, they’re up to the minutes” and the column concludes with “The Celtics will be eliminated from these playoffs one of these days. Plenty of time for rest then.”

      And somehow my description was a “complete misrepresentation?”



      1. I agree with John. Shaughnessy was just pointing out that basketball players tend to play a lot of basketball. I took the last line to mean that as long as the Celtics are in the playoffs, they will play as many minutes as necessary. I don’t think Shank deserves the abuse in this case (he gets enough legitimate abuse).


          1. Why so senstive? In your summary you intimate that Shank said they would be eliminated soon when in fact he said “one of these days”. Not quite the same thing. People reading your summary (and claim not to read Shaugnessy) will just assume that he is burying the Celts which is not accurate in this case.


  2. I posted this yesterday but I haven’t heard a good response yet!

    Bruce, I need your help!

    I live in Rhode Island and listen to 103.7 WEEI-FM. I am not a big fan of WEEI but I listen here and there because they broadcast the Red Sox and Celtics games. Can you please find out and figure out who is the moron who decides to put the Red Sox games on instead of the Celtics games when both are playing at the same time and find out if there is any way this can be changed? I mean I am a big fan of both teams but a Red Sox game in April means nothing compared to a pivotal Celtics playoff game, it just doesn’t make any sense because there is no other outlet in Rhode Island to hear the game..

    The State of Rhode Island


  3. Thanks for the feedback Rick Mc and Bruce! Is this new? Because I remember in the past they would move Red Sox games to 95.5 in Rhode Island when there were scheduling conflicts. Even if it is in the contract, other options should be made available for Rhode Islanders. (I am not alone, a lot of people I know complain about this.) The strange part about it is that Celtics are on WEEI and Red Sox on WRKO, I know they are sister stations but you would think WEEI’s broadcast would have more power. Bruce, is there any way you could get someone in the inside to issue a response/solution to this problem, that would be of great help!


  4. Bruce,

    Can you have Shank fired, stop The Big Show from yelling, stop the Swine Flu, bring about world peace and develop a clean, renewable energy source? Thanks.



        1. Actually, I live right on the border between MA and RI. I don’t have any problems with 103.7 since I’m not a basketball fan.


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