What could be better than a spring afternoon that finds the grass greening, the birds singing, and the Habs golfing? It’s almost as good as Yankee Elimination Day – especially given the manner in which the Bruins dispensed with them – but that’s half a year away and this is now, so let’s talk some hockey.

Bruins! Bruins! Bruins!

Caveman Strong is whooping it up big-time after the four-game hurt the B’s laid on Montreal. Kynch’s Korner says the B’s swept away a decade’s worth of playoff futility along with the Habs. Looks like Puck Daddy has to eat a little crow, while NESN’s Boston Bruins blog has Habs GM Bob Gainey trying to bring civility into his barbaric franchise. He’ll have the summer to try . . . maybe.

Last night’s win took all the suckiness out of Wicked Bruins Fan‘s day. The Two-Line Pass thought it poetic that it should be the B’s who put the Bleu et Blanc et Rouge out of their misery. Now maybe The Spoked B won’t fear those colors anymore. Stanley Cup of Chowder conjures the frightening image of a French-speaking Bob Lobel. Here Come The Bruins! says we’re playing with house money now. The Big Bad Bruins pays tribute to his pepe, who was surely smiling down on the Black & Gold last night.

Kathryn Tappen isn’t naming names, but she is still fielding questions over the B’s legitimacy. And, in a puzzling move, Big Bad Blog chooses Schneider as poster boy for taking everything One Day At A Time. Apparently, Valerie Bertinelli downloads weren’t available; either that, or Haggs, like buddy Felger, knows gay.

Maybe it’s water under the bridge now, but The Bruins Report calls NHL discipline czar Colin Campbell pathetic after his suspension of Milan Lucic. Jack Edwards thinks Campbell would make a lousy Connecticut state trooper.


Now to the C’s where Ball Don’t Lie tries to simplify the chaos that is this first-round series with the Bulls. Green Street has the series moving to Chicago, where the C’s will be walking through the doors of United Center but Michael Jordan won’t be. Red’s Army has found a new object of scorn and he hails from Chicago.

Basketball Prospectus lists both Rondo games as among the top point guard performances this postseason. Celtics 17 places Rondo well up on their list of the NBA’s top point guards. Celtics Stuff Live has the C’s needing Brian Scalabrine and Scals wanting to contribute, but at what risk to his health? NESN’s Boston Celtics blog puts the Scalabrine-for-Powe swap as a net loss for the C’s. Green Street traces Powe’s left knee woes back to his high school days.

Red Sox

Somehow, they got two in yesterday and the Sox took them both, making it seven straight now. Red Sox Monster officially pronounces the boys el scorcho and turns in the first tale-of-two-seasons account of the year. Given the weather in a typical New England spring, Surviving Grady has some good ideas for NESN to fill time during rain delays.

Justin Masterson looks to be the next Curt Schilling, discussing his morning start against the O’s on Patriots Day, a week after his blogging debut on Wicked Good Sports. Full Count has O’s LF Luke Scott ripping everything after his team was unceremoniously swept at Fenway. Boston Irish advocates enjoying the losses, as hard as that may be for O’s fans.

Fenway Pastoral has the economy tough on Moriarty the Scalper, as he tries to hold his night job to support a philanthropic side. Bill and Mike over on The Soxaholix are feeling a little greenwashed with all the Earth Day hype. Hey, napkins for your hot dogs may be a thing of the past as Hacks With Haggs looks at Fenway’s Go Green efforts. But not all of Red Sox Nation is green as Fenway West observes.

On the farm, The Bottom Line takes a look at some lively arms while Fire Brand of the American League reports on Julio Lugo’s quiet bat in his rehab debut.

Finally, the upcoming weekend series will have all Bronx eyes on Boston, not that they’re ever anywhere else. Take Subway Squawkers, where dear Lisa still hasn’t gotten over Beckett’s little Easter incident. Can you say deflection? Don’t worry; Boston Dirt Dogs everywhere will be awaiting Joba’s arrival.

Pats / NFL Draft

No, it’s not the best economy to be making up stories, but in an early sign that Obama’s stimulus package may be working, Tom Curran has upgraded Tom Brady from ‘significantly behind schedule’ to ‘participating without limitation.’ It Is What It Is catches up with Randy Moss giving back to his hometown community.

NE Patriots Draft gives us their final mock draft, while John Chandler has decided to punt. First And Ten From Foxborough has Belichick talking trades and upgrades.

Shutdown Corner says SI hasn’t done enough to unring the bell for B.J. Raji, and he’s got some ideas on how they can make the BC D-lineman whole in this year’s draft. National Football Post offers one player’s tale of a gut-wrenching draft weekend, as he was stood up twice before St. Louis selected him . . . just ahead of Tom Brady. Think the Rams would like to re-ring that bell?

Should be a great weekend, as the C’s look to extend their season, the B’s wait to see who’s next, the Pats build for the future, and the Sox take on the Yankees. Catch all the action at a blog near you, and we’ll see you back here next Thursday.


3 thoughts on “What’s Bleu et Blanc et Rouge . . . All Over?

  1. Bob I have to ask if you work for NESN because in all of our posts you prominantly link to all the NESN blogs and I can’t seem to figure out why else you would do so. NESN’s blogs are nothing special and if you are linking to them you should be linking to every station’s blogs.


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Chris. I was curious, so I went back. It looks like I linked to NESN 5 times and WEEI 5 times, which, to me, makes sense. I have another 3 Yahoo! and 2 Comcasts, but only one Boston.com this week (usually this is 4-5). If all multiple-link sites paid me, I’d be rich. I disagree about NESN in that I think they are a premier site and a must stop for the Boston sports fan. The site is diverse and easy to navigate. They have new content every day, but the so-called talent post once a week on either Wednesday or Thursday and I do weigh things to the more current. Now Mr. Henry, please send along my check!


      1. Good job Bob – but seriously, if you go back each week, your Sox links almost always start with “Tom Caron says this” and Bruins with “Kathryn Tappen blah blah blah”! Bruce please do a poll to see if the readers agree with Bob that NESN’s website is a premiere site! But then again- I know Bob and Mister Henry will be stuffing the ballot box 🙂 No problem with you Bob, just busting chops!


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