The Red Sox dropped their second straight game and are now on pace for a 54-108 season following a 4-3 loss at Fenway yesterday afternoon.

Adam Kilgore has Daisuke Matsuzaka cramming the bases full of runners, as usual, but letting some of them score, which wasn’t usual last year. John Tomase says that the cure for the Red Sox offense may lay in getting away from the Tampa defense. Paul Kenyon has the Rays picking right up where they left off last season. Jeff Goldberg has the Rays able to hold off the Sox in the ninth. Eric Avidon has Dice-K’s 2009 debut not much different than his 2008 finale. Ron Chimelis has Matsuzaka making it a long afternoon for the Red Sox. Bill Ballou says that the worm has definitely turned in the Red Sox/Rays rivalry.

Jon Couture has the Red Sox still seeking out the idea relief mix. Daniel Barbarisi has the Sox trying to get things sorted out in the ‘pen. Alex Speier has five things we learned yesterday, including that Matsuzaka is still the international man of mystery. Rich Thompson has home runs marring Dice-K’s ’09 debut. Sarah Green says that the Sox were beat by defense in this series.

Tomase has Tim Wakefield set to begin another campaign with the Red Sox. Wakefield still has things to say about Joe Kerrigan and how he was used in the Jimy Williams/Kerrigan years. Chimelis says that the Fenway Park sellout streak could come to an end this season.

Thompson has Jed Lowrie leaving his offense back in Ft Myers. Barbarisi has more on Lowrie starting the season with a whimper thus far. Brian MacPherson has Kevin Youkilis going in the opposite direction, with his red-hot start to the season.

Bob Ryan has all of the Rays getting into the act in this series for manager Joe Maddon. Bill Burt has a cocky Matt Garza once again getting the better of the Red Sox. Jim Donaldson says that the Red Sox, not the Rays, have something to prove. Kenyon says that the Rays were well-prepared against Dice-K.

Nick Cafardo has the Angels and the rest of the baseball world stunned and saddened by the death of rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart. Mike Fine has more reaction from the Red Sox on the tragedy. Barbarisi has the players from both sides taking pause with the Angels pitcher’s death.

Kilgore’s notebook has Jed Lowrie getting off to a rough start at the plate for the Red Sox. Tomase’s notebook has Kevin Youkilis on fire to start the season. Ballou’s notebook has the Sox off to the West coast.


Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins able to hold off and out slug the Montreal Canadiens 5-4 in OT last night. Steve Conroy says that the rivalry is certainly still alive. Mike Loftus has the riled-up Bruins calming down in time to beat Montreal. Bud Barth has the Bruins able to outlast the Canadiens in this classic.

Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins set to host the winter classic at Fenway park on January 1st. Stephen Harris says it was nice to the see the Bruins lose their cool against Montreal last night. Joe Haggerty says that this game could just be a taste of what is to come between these clubs.

Shinzawa’s notebook has former Bruin Glen Metropolit trying to find his place with Montreal. Conroy’s notebook has Patrice Bergeron finishing the game after taking a shot off his foot.


With time running short this morning, I’ll point you over to Patriots Daily, where Chris Warner has a look at the Second Day Defensive Backs. In the Projo, Shalise Manza Young has Tank Williams glad that the Patriots are giving him a second chance after he lost last season to injury. Get the rest of your Patriots news and chatter at

The Celtics host the Miami heat tonight at the Garden. Check out all the latest news on the Green at

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has BU advancing to the NCAA Hockey Final with a win over Vermont. Dan Shaughnessy has BU only thinking big picture.

Chad Finn has Comcast set to sack the NFL Network at the end of the month.


5 thoughts on “Dice-K, Sox Can’t Get It Going Against Rays

  1. After three games 54-108 is realistic, isn’t it? May I include that saying Theo sux, so does Ellsbury and well the entire friggin line-up. Dice-K is the worst pitcher since (name of someone obscure).


  2. Red Sox media coverage today explains how Devil Ray fielding stymied the Sox in this series.

    Gee, who could have known? I’ve only been talking the entire off-season about how improved fielding guarantees the Rays are for real going into this season, about how the Sox were clearly not the best team in the division, etc. mocking fans and members of the media that used lame arguments such as, “The Rays won’t sneak up on anyone this season”….


    1. Sorry Boston Dan, but how exactly did the Rays improve their defense this past offseason? Their defense was excellent last year. I think that people picking the Sox this season had more to do with the belief that the Sox pitching staff is better equiped to deal with injuries, and the Rays’ staff was very healthy last year.


  3. i don’t know who deserves to be beaten with a crow bar more this morning: Red Sox fans who are panicking after THREE ****ING GAMES, or the Montreal Cheapshot and Turtle Brigade. Decisions, decisions…


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