At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco today, Curt Schilling gave his first interview since announcing his retirement via his blog yesterday.

Mike D’Alonzo says that Schilling “sat down with X-Play host and G4’s Editor-In-Chief Adam Sessler at GDC and talked about his reasons for the timing of the announcement, which he jokingly referred to as a clever business decision to gain some publicity for his gaming company, 38 Studios, but then seriously noted that being away from Boston when he made the announcement made it easier for him to avoid intense media scrutiny.”

Schilling…avoiding the media?

10 thoughts on “Schilling Gives First Post-Retirement Interview

  1. the beginning of 100,000 interviews schilling will conduct for all media platforms.

    you did a great job in the playoffs curt, i just wish you wouldn’t talk that much or be private like manny ha.


  2. You bet Schill announced his retirement to coincide with him attending the Game Developers Conference in Frisco. Schill doesn’t have a spontaneous bone in his body. Everything is calculated. Thanks for the wins and the rings Schill.
    Now go away forever!!


  3. Never understood the backlash a guy gets for talking more than the usual athlete. So what? So he’s a little conceited? What pro athlete isn’t? I for one will be forever grateful for what Curt brought our city. Enjoy retirement Curt.


  4. What a load of crap.

    Schilling retired because no one offered him a contract that was high enough to motivate him this season.

    Let us not forget, just one month ago he was publicly campaigning for a contract from the Devil Rays or the Cubs.

    The economy retired Curt, not the love for his family or the need to be an even bigger Vidiot.


  5. Amazing how politics drives some fans more than the game itself.

    This city, and the team, will FOREVER owe a debt to Schilling for changing the future of the Red Sox. He can say whatever he wants, unlike most athletes this guy delivered on his promises. And the 2 World Series titles will be forever linked to his legacy, and that of the Red Sox.

    The rest of you can whine all you want about how much he talks, blah blah blah. In the end, nobody will remember or care what you think — the record books have already been written.


    1. doesn’t have anything to do with politics …..he was a great player for the Red Sox but he’s not playing anymore. …….we don’t need anymore gum flappers in this town. Schill should just ride off into the sunset. Unfortunately I think he’s going to ride into WEEI’s broadcast booth.


  6. This is like a cream pie thrown into the collective face of Boston’s sports media cabal. There’s Bob Ryan and then everyone else is in the basement fighting with each other for ‘supremacy.’


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