Playing shorthanded once again, Paul Pierce put the Celtics on his back down the stretch and carried them to a victory over the Miami Heat, which clinched the Atlantic division title for the Green.

Scott Souza says that the Celtics had the feel of a desperate team last night. Frank Dell’Apa has the Celtics finally getting some gain to go with their pain last night. Mark Murphy has the Celtics outlasting the Dwyane Wade-less Heat. Bill Doyle has the Celtics repeating as Atlantic Division champs. Robert Lee has Pierce shouldering the load last night.

Gary Dzen has Paul Pierce carring the load for Boston last night. Lenny Megliola says that this was a badly needed win for the hurting Celtics. Paul Flannery has the Eastern conference puzzle changing shape. Steve Buckley has Big Baby Davis returning to the lineup last night. Mike Petraglia has some of the sounds of the game. Bill Burt gets up close and personal with Dwyane Wade. Jessica Camerato has college teammates Bill Walker and Michael Beasley reuniting last night. Check more coverage and game chatter at

Dell’Apa’s notebook has Doc Rivers conceding the top seed in the east to Cleveland. Murphy’s notebook has a peek inside the crowded trainers room. Doyle’s notebook looks at the additions of Ray Allen and Leon Powe to the injury list. Lee’s notebook has the injury news getting worse and worse.

Red Sox

Sean McAdam has Kevin Youkilis as the latest player injured in the WBC, having suffered an ankle sprain and tendinitis of the left Achilles. Amalie Benjamin has Youkilis out for the rest of the WBC. Alex Speier examines the transformation of Youkilis.

Michael Silverman has the Red Sox releasing Josh Bard yesterday, seemingly opening the door for George Kottaras to be the backup catcher behind Jason Varitek. Benjamin has Theo Epstein talking about the reasons for the move. Maureen Mullen has Kottaras getting his chance. Dan Barbarisi says that the catching situation is suddenly crystal clear. Speier has both Youkilis and Bard getting the boot yesterday, but in different ways.

Rob Bradford has Brad Penny living a whole new life with the Red Sox. Daniel Barbarisi has Penny believing that he’ll be ready to start the season for the Red Sox. Mike Fine has the Red Sox mindful of the economy in the way they do business this season.

McAdam has Jake Peavy wondering why U.S. baseball fans haven’t embraced the WBC.

Benjamin’s notebook has Epstein impressed with Brad Penny’s three inning outing yesterday. Silverman’s notebook has more on Penny, who touched 95 on the radar gun.


Patriots Daily has part II of the Patriots Draft Needs. You can also weigh in on who the Patriots should take in the Mock Across America draft.

John Tomase looks at how big an influence Matt Cassel has had on the entire NFL this offseason. Shalise Manza Young says that it has already been an offseason to remember for Sammy Morris.


Joe Haggerty says that the New Jersey Devils should serve at the Bruins wake up call. Mike Loftus has Milan Lucuc hoping to break out of his slump tonight. Stephen Harris has all the Bruins hoping to break out tonight against the Kings. Fluto Shinzawa has Steve Montador with no apologies for his physical play.


Julian Benbow has a mini-feature on BC head coach Al Skinner as he prepares to lead his team into the NCAA tournament on Friday. Jerry Spar looks at a connection to Skinner’s past on the USC bench.

Kevin McNamara looks at a one-and-done for Providence in the NIT. Jim Donaldson says that this wasn’t quite the senior moment that the Friars wanted.

Mark Blaudschun has UConn looking to shake off some recent poor performances. Mike Anthony has the Huskies looking to set the tone against No. 16 seed Chattanooga. Jeff Jacobs mixes tournament talk with graduation rates.

Buddy Thomas provides his sage NCAA advice. Blaudschun’s notebook has Villanova getting a huge home court advantage in the first round.

Michael Vega has new head coach Frank Spaziani leading the BC football team through its first spring practice.


Dan Guttenplan has an interview with Bob Ryan on (Interesting that the Globe ban doesn’t apply to the web side of things.) I thought his response to a question about colleague Dan Shaughnessy was noteworthy:

“What do you make of Boston fans’ general dislike for Dan Shaughnessy?”

Bob, “It’s a tough call for me. We all have our different styles. I have mine, and he has his vision of what a column should be. It’s not mine, but we remain friends despite that philosophical difference. He takes very hard stands, and has a way that he feels a column should be presented. He goes at it in a way that I often am not comfortable doing or don’t want to do, and I’m sure he’s not comfortable doing it my way, either. I think often people get way too personal with Dan. It’s very scary at times, the stuff that comes out against him. It’s just a matter of the fans’ taste. And I’ll say this: He’s going to do it the way he wants to do it. And there are quite a few people that do like him. A lot of fans appreciate his style. He’s also made a lot, a lot, a lot of friends for the paper, with the way he’s tremendous with young people all the time during the course of the year. A lot of times, he’ll be here with some high school or college student who got in contact with him talking about newspapers. He’s brought them over here to talk to them, showed them around, and spent the day with them. He does more of that than anyone in this town. People should know that.”


4 thoughts on “Celtics Withstand The Heat

  1. Ryan on CHB: “And there are quite a few people that do like him.”

    It would be interesting to see who his demographics are. A guess would be angry, uneducated, constantly unemployed people who are certain the government has implanted a transmitter in their brains because they know too much. Or Alzheimer sufferers (the one person I know who reads him is afflicted).

    But that’s just a guess.


  2. I can attest to Ryan’s comments about Shaughnessy spending time with students. Once upon a time as a high school student I contacted him about working in the newspaper industry. He called my house and talked with me for a bit and invited me down for a tour of the Globe. Say what you will about him on a professional level, but I’d be surprised if most other columnists would have taken the time he did with me.


  3. He should have asked Ryan…”Bob, you seem like a rational person when writing your column. Why do you turn into a yelling,screaming buffoon when you appear on that, “Around The Horn” show??


  4. I appreciate Ryan mentioning the CHB’s relationship with young people and burdgeoning sportswriters, and the CHB needs to be complimented on that. But in the end, I don’t think any of our criticisms of Mr. Shaughnessy’s writings over the years have been made for personal reasons. They’ve been made because his columns have gotten more and more formulaic, more and more annoying, and quite frankly, worse and worse as the years have gone by. And even if Shaughnessy is a good guy when he’s not writing for the paper, does that really excuse some of the things he’s written about people in the world of sports he doesn’t like, and people he’s continued to hold grudges against for many years? I mean, does he EVER write a column that either mentions or features Bob Kraft without taking a gratuitous, obnoxious shot at the Pats’ owner? The answer is no, and it’s all because of the friction that developed between the two nearly 13 years ago (!!!) when the CHB took Parcells’ side in the Kraft/Parcells divorce proceedings down in Foxboro. That’s the type of stuff that annoys readers like me, and drives me away from reading his columns….I’m sure he’s a decent guy behind the scenes.


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