While I really like the all-new WEEI.com, I sure hope this doesn’t become the quarterly web equivalent of the self-congratulatory ratings talk on the air…

Unique visitors to WEEI.com grow 95% over one year to reach all-time high for the website

Boston (February 11, 2009) – WEEI.com, the web site of the nation’s top rated sports radio station WEEI-AM, saw its total number of unique visitors increase to an all-time high in January 2009, with growth of 95% compared to the same month in 2008, according to Web analytics service OneStat.com.

In January 2009, WEEI.com had 426,879 unique visitors, up from 219,559 in January 2008. In addition to the increasing number of unique visitors, overall site traffic jumped to 3.3 million Page Views during January 2009, an increase of 88% when compared with the same month one year earlier.

According to web analytics service Compete.com, users are extremely engaged at WEEI.com:

  • The average user’s stay on WEEI.com was more than 21 minutes during each visit to the site in the month of December 2008.
  • This engagement number is up an impressive 579% from December 2007.
  • In 2008 more than 10 million hours of live streaming audio in 2008 was consumed over 3.3 million sessions.
  • The average WEEI.com visitor session for Internet Radio was over 3.2 hours per visit.
  • WEEI.com users listened to more than 1.8 million audio OnDemand clips in 2008.

“Our goal for WEEI.com has been to take our unique, authentically local content assets to create the number one online destination for New England sports fans,” said Tim Murphy, Vice President/General Manager of WEEI.com. “We’re pleased with the increase in traffic and engagement. With our imminent plans to add even more rich content, as well as major improvements in the design and functionality of the site, I’m confident that our numbers will continue to trend upward.”

“This is important for our great advertising partners,” Murphy continued. “Digital platforms whose local content reaches deeply engaged consumers create phenomenal opportunities for effective and efficient audio and visual marketing campaigns.”

Visitors are also consuming WEEI.com content in non-traditional means, evidenced by the 4,500 unique visitors to the website’s mobile WAP site. In addition, the WEEI newsletter has 182,000 subscribers and the WEEI.com Facebook page now has over 1,900 members.

In August 2008, WEEI.com made significant upgrades to the website’s design and content by hiring two of the best-known journalists in Boston sports, WEEI.com editor-in-chief Rob Bradford and Patriots reporter Michael Felger. Since then, WEEI.com has hired over 10 contributors to the site, including former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling.

WEEI.com plans more major website upgrades in March.

“The way you could look at it is that August was the groundbreaking for the new WEEI.com. March will be the ribbon-cutting,” said Murphy. “Stay tuned.”


19 thoughts on “WEEI.com Declares World Dominance

  1. Really isn’t much news there. They went from a 1995 website to one from the 2000’s. The jump should have been huge. The real news will be in a few months if they have any growth.


    1. Exactly. The old site was probably getting 100 hits a day at most… it’s hard NOT to jump in page views when you actually, you know, add content to your page….


    2. Exactly. That’s like saying, “Yesterday I didn’t have a car and I was able to walk 2 miles per hour. Today I got a car and I can go 60 miles per hour…a 30X improvement!”


  2. Ummm…I think the same ratio of ratings increase happened when television stations went from black and white to color…this is the biggest bunch of fluff/self congratulations/can’t fall off the floor pr/bs ever…gee…aren’t they just the best—EVER!


    1. The best was this morning how D & C went after that doctor/author of the new Manny book after reading just a few selective quotes picked up from the Inside Track Gals. They really showed her. Forhead had great lines such as “What you have written there is crap!” and “Do you think that Manny is a bad guy?” and of course the Undertaker had the long winded “Can you explain to me, why Manny would not take 15 minutes of his time to go to the tent that the Jimmy Fund had set up, in spring training, not durring the reagular season, and spend some time with the kids?”


      1. …glad I didn’t hear it…..Those 2 clowns are OBSESSED with Manny. Are they aware of the fact that HE DOESN’T PLAY HERE ANYMORE?


  3. the site is butt ugly. that top stories banner that flips constantly is horrendous, there’s no priority given to any one thing on that front page. just awful.


    1. I gave up after realizing the hideous Mike Adams would be staring back at me each time I visited the site…so I stopped.


      1. Chris, you can avoid Mike’s mug staring at you if you check out the site during daytime hours. Perhaps you prefer a little D&C or D&H?


  4. Funny how you never hear Ordway and Shepard ridiculing the “nerd.net.com, lives in mom’s basement” guys anymore. Now that WEEI actually has a web site where they cam make money that is. Frauds.


  5. Speaking of EEI, I wonder what will happen with the Bruins broadcast rights? I don’t think it’s a slam dunk WBZ will renew since it appears they’re trying to cut their budget and they’re a news station first. Would EEI think of buying the rights, have Dale team up with Bob Beers on the games and then move Felger into Dale’s midday slot with Michael Holley? I realize there would be conflicts with Celtics broadcasts, but if the B’s keep winning EEI could look at it as a money-making proposition and could augment the B’s game with their website coverage.


  6. I hardly ever visit WEEI.com either…there’s no reason to go there. It’s very annoying when the ‘talent’ on WEEI continually plug the website (during the rare times I actually tune in to the station)…over and over again.

    Just curious…does anyone else think that the new look ESPN.COM site sucks too…it’s way too video highlight based.
    I read the highlights/headlines, then leave the site due to boredom. I have no huge desire to watch all the highlights they have posted. There are hardly any articles anymore. It’s still better than WEEI.com.


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