Just a few quick notes on a Saturday evening…


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. *ugh*….The ESPN coverage of the Arod story is already making me ill….Just watched Mike Lupica telling me how much the fans “REALLY CARE!” about this stuff….yeah, they really care in the “dog days of February when not much is going on and we need something to talk about. Come opening day? The ball parks will be filled and the talk will be of pitching rotations and starting lineups. ….anyone who is “shocked” by this stuff wins the “Naive Ninny Of The Year” award……It is what it is. Players have been using Roids FOR YEARS going back at least as far as the 70’s if not further (yes, this includes some of our “beloved Red Sox” they just haven’t been outed yet)

    I laugh when people say things like, “Jim Rice?….oh no, he’s clean as a whistel, he never, never, never did roids!” How do we know for sure?….Bottomline: It’s entertainment and these guys are still the best players in the world. Roids aren’t “magic beans” they aren’t going to transform an overweight,out of shape McDonalds Fry cook into a major leaguer……yes, steps should be taken to eliminate performance enhancers…..but when you get right down to it, I couldn’t care less


  2. The only reason I “care” about the whole steroids/hgh saga is that some players used and made it to the majors, but other guys didn’t use, and got stranded in AAA. Maybe if some of the users didn’t use, a non-user might have made it truthfully. Hearing blowhards like Lupica make me smile. Guy was a boozebag for years.


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