Since Tom Brady’s season ended on opening day last September, we’ve heard a lot about, but very little from, the Patriots MVP quarterback. He hasn’t given any official interviews, and his statement have pretty much been limited to releases on his website, or simple statements at charity events.

That makes tonight’s interview with Brady very interesting, and curious at the same time…curious because he’s chosen a Canadian radio station 590-AM in Toronto as the outlet from which he will give his first interview in five months. (a product promotion, perhaps? Yes, it is. )

The station is The Fan 590-AM and the show Brady will be appearing on is Prime Time Sports, hosted from 4:00-7:00pm by Bob McCown.

On the station’s website, there is simply a note that “in a FAN 590 exclusive, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be a guest on Prime Time Sports tonight . . . it’s Brady’s first interview since his injury in September.”

The station does do Live Streaming.

Thanks to Chris in Ontario for the tip…


21 thoughts on “Tom Brady To Do First Interview Since Injury

  1. Lets see..

    Brady chose a Doctor in California over the best in the business here in Boston.

    He traded in Massachusetts’ own Bridget Moynihan for Giselle.

    He lives primarily in New York, seen around town wearing a Yankees cap.

    And now he gives his first interview to…a Canada station.

  2. Somewhere, Steve Burton is wondering whether to file a lawsuit over this. “Discriminated against…again…by a Canadian AM radio station! Doesn’t Tom KNOW that WBZ has just been made the Patriots’ Official-everything TV station? Don’t they know who I AM?”

      1. Everybody beats the Leafs 8-0 this year. The way things are going in the Toronto sportscene Brady might come out of the interview more injured then he was going into it.

        Stay away from Toronto. It’s not safe up there.

  3. Brady is bizarre sometimes. Aside from hanging in NY all the time, choosing a random doctor in CA to do the surgery, wearing Yankee hats, etc…
    why would he not go on EEI or 890 so Patriots fans can hear him??

  4. Did anyone read Felger’s article today??
    Everyone says that he’s such a downer and only writes negative stuff…I wouldn’t classify today’s article as negative…

  5. I couldn’t care less if Brady wears Yankee hats, hangs in New York or gives interviews to Canadien radio stations as long as he plays well when he’s wearing his Patriots uniform it’s all good to me…….I think some people need to get a grip, Brady wasn’t born here, he’s under no obligation to be a “Red Sox Fan”…..much ado about nothing……(and I’m GLAD he stiffed WEEI, especially D&C)

    1. Like AOB wrote, in the Boston media it seems like a professional athlete here can’t confess to not being crazy about Boston sports teams since they were in the womb. I could care less about T.B.’s politics, race, religion or hobbies just as long as the guy continues to do well in being the face of the franchise.

      So he’s doing a promo for a Toronto radio station. BFD. I doubt Mike Reiss had his feelings hurt and if EEI does then that’s an indication of their maturity.

  6. The folks at WEEI, who think the entire sports world revolves around them, must be perturbed about this.

    WHAT? The Big O didn’t get the exclusive?

  7. lol….according to Mike Reiss, “Brady will be promoting a toxin-free pain cream.”……is this going to be an interview or an infomercial?…….some good stuff (as always) on Reiss’s blog today. including a picture of Belichick and Parcells sitting together at a Senior Bowl practice…..(The Border War is over)

  8. NEWSFLASH! BRADY INTERVIEW SUMMARY: Brady says rehab is going, “real well,real well”…..also briefly talks about a mysterious “cream” that is great for pain…….then interview ends……that was sort of strange

  9. Veeery impressive Mr. Bundchen. Hocking products on canadian radio. Very impressive indeed! What a sad and bizarre character Tom Brady has become. A jet setting boy toy hocking products on the radio for $$$$. What a sad pathetic joke!
    Tom Brady is not improving with age on any level.

    1. lol…yeah, Millions of dollars in the bank and a supermodel girlfriend…..I wish I was so “sad and bizarre”…….

  10. I still see some people don’t go on other sites and are still living in a cave. according to people close to the family, saint bridget admitted to tom her pregnancy was No ACCIDENT!! even though he made it pergfectly clear to everyone he wasn’t ready for marriage and a family, she made a life altering dicision for him, thinking this was the push he needed to commit to her. she new he would be angry, but would eventually come back. but, she had betrayed and deceived him and he became angry and bitter! he apparently told her he didn’t love her and she was not the kind of woman he wanted to marry, but would be a father. he then continued his relationship with gisele which made her angry and bitter, she wasn’ getting her way! so then she announced to the world of her pregnancy and who the father was. still not getting her way she then started manipulating the tabloids and the public into shaming and pressuring tom into going back to her, by making herself out to be the victim, when all along she is the instigator of this mess! unfortunately, when her son grows up she will have a lot of explaining to do, when he discovers he is only here to TRAP HIS FATHER! trading bridget for gisele…best move he ever made!

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