I guess this is “Press Release Wednesday” among the local media outlets.

WEEI announced today that Curt Schilling will be a monthly in-studio guest on The Big Show, and that every Thursday he will have a 20-30 minute call-in appearance on either The Big Show or the Dennis and Callahan program.

Curt Schilling Gets Regular Gig on The Big Show

World Series hero joins Big O every Thursday in addition to Dennis & Callahan phone ins

BOSTON (January 21, 2009) – WEEI has announced that 6-time All-Star and World Series hero Curt Schilling will join Glenn Ordway and the crew on The Big Show on a regular basis. Schilling, who is also a regular contributor to WEEI.com, will be a guest during the show on Thursdays, beginning January 22, 2009. He’ll be in studio once each month, joining the cast for the entire four-hour show. On the other three Thursday’s, he’ll be calling into either The Big Show or the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show for a twenty to thirty minute segment.

Schilling’s new on air gig is a further expansion of his role with the WEEI Sports Radio Network. In November of 2008, he began a weekly writing stint on WEEI.com, now home of his popular blog, 38pitches.com. In addition to his writing for WEEI.com, Schilling will also participate in live game-day blogging for six Red Sox games during the 2009 season. He will contribute his thoughts and observations in the live blog with other members of WEEI.com’s editorial staff. This past October, Schilling joined WEEI.com for a live blog of Game 7 of the Red Sox ALCS series with the Tampa Bay Rays. Schilling has also had a regular call-in with WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan Morning Show since 2005.

“This is my first spring training without baseball in my life. I am looking forward to continuing my involvement in the game and the connection to Red Sox Nation by contributing to The Big Show,” said Schilling.

The Big Show, which has been hosted by Glenn Ordway since its inception in 1995, has ranked number one among men 25-54 in every ratings book but one since the spring of 2003. It has also ranked number one with adults 25-54 in every ratings book but three over the same period of time. The show airs from 2 PM – 6 PM each weekday.

“Curt has always been outspoken and very thoughtful in his comments about the Sox and baseball in general,” said Ordway. “He speaks from the heart and is extremely passionate about the game….I think he’s perfect for the format of our show, but I wish he’d gain 40 or 50 pounds so he’d look a lot more like the group.”

“When Curt talks, people listen,” said Jason Wolfe, Entercom New England’s Vice President of AM Programming. “He knows the Sox and the league inside and out and this expanded role will be a great compliment to his blog and to our overall baseball coverage.”

Schilling pitched for the Boston Red Sox from 2004-2008, helping the team win two World Series. Originally drafted by the Red Sox, Schilling made his major league debut in 1988 with the Baltimore Orioles and has also pitched with the Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies and Arizona Diamondbacks. In 2001, Schilling shared the World Series MVP Award with teammate Randy Johnson.


12 thoughts on “Schilling To Be A Regular on The Big Show

  1. The Big Show crew is the largest group of mindless idiots ever gathered in one place. It is 4 hours of no nothings talking over each other just to hear the sounds of their own voices. Curt will fit right in.


  2. Curt – please go away.

    He’s another right-winger who loves the sound of his own voice so he’ll fit right in in the ‘EEI cess-pool.

    This guy must have his own marketing team. I recall reading an analogy by someone in the media that if there was a cat stuck in a tree somewhere, the Schilling’s would know about it.

    Perhaps this radio gig is part of a strategy to embrace himself with more media members (like most of them don’t get worship him enough already)so that his HOF chances are further enhanced?


  3. It would be funny to hear Schilling make Butchie pee his pants ala Carl Everett with CHB. I hear they still can’t get the piss stain off the floor where Shank was standing.


    1. The whole Schilling-Stearns rivalry has become so contrived. Does anyone really think that Schilling has real hatred towards Stearns for the Pedro comments, which in retrospect were probably accurate (amazing for Butch)? It’s all part of the same lame script.


  4. I like Curt and all….but I have to ask if he’s got a reverse weight clause in his contract now that he’ll be hanging out with Ordway and Sheppard all the time.


  5. I don’t know what’s scarier: another over weight, ex-athlete right winger who won’t shut up on WEEI or the fact that he’s still brighter than 80% of the hosts and callers (most of whom are fat, loudmouthed, conservative NONATHLETES) on that station.

    I just want to lock Schilling and Mikey Adams in a room with a dime bag. We could be looking at Bill Lee Part Two!


  6. Just one more reason to limit my exposure to WEEI. They really do lack imagination with some of these hires. Last good hire was Lou Merloni who’s a breath of fresh air. Schill is simply a taller version of Ordway. Overbearing, obnoxious and with little insight to offer.


  7. I’m thrilled Schill is headed to the Big Show. Unlike most of the blowhards, he’s a blowhard who’s at least been there and knows his stuff, and is intelligent on top of it. Don’t agree with his politics? Too bad. I don’t agree with yours either, lol.

    And I’m sure he’ll be better than the great majority of other Big Show dependables, be it Butch Stearns or “Smooth Lou” Merloni who sounds like he went to the St. Regis School of Broadcasting with his overly-rehearsed platitudes and “knowledge” about the Celtics and Bruins. Merloni seems like a good guy but I can’t stand watching him peer into the camera or give these well-composed but seemingly recycled opinions, he truly does seem like someone who spent an awful lot of time “learning the business” and does not appear to be genuine.


  8. My problem with Curt is that he tends to play favorites with players he likes and pulls his punches. He can be very insightful in regards to playing baseball, but he also can fall into cliches, like his big, wet, sloppy kiss to Varitek.


  9. Agree. He’ll back his guys until the end of time, but for guys like Manny, look out. Curious that a guy that accepts $8 million, comes up with an unknown/never explained/perfect timing injury and never appears in a game, can rip a guy for “tanking it”. Seeing as though the final month in Boston, while “tanking it”, Manny hit .347, .473 obp and .587 slg.


  10. Will Schill fess up about rift that exists between him and the Red Sox front office?? A rift that exists because blowhard Curt was quiet as a mouse about his mystery shoulder injury while signing his Sox contract? Of course not! Curt is a pompous phony all the way around. It’s why nobody in the Sox organization past or present can stand the guy.


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