Mike Loftus has the Bruins enjoying their third straight win over the Montreal Canadiens last night, with a 3-1 victory at the Garden. Fluto Shinzawa has Zdeno Charo setting the tone for the Bruins. Mick Colageo has Tim Thomas setting a physical tone of his own, crosschecking Andrei Kostitsyn after the Montreal forward had buried a hurting Aaron Ward. Stephen Harris says that the Bruins sent the crowd home having seen a pretty special hockey game. Bud Barth has Chara putting the Bruins on his back last night.

Rich Thompson has Chara coming up big last night with two goals and a number of punishing hits. With the rumors swirling that Vincent Lecavalier is heading to Montreal, Kevin Paul Dupont says that the Bruins have the means and the goods to make a deal for the Tampa Bay superstar.

Loftus’ notebook has Patrice Bergeron making progress in his recovery.Shinzawa’s notebook has Bergeron happy to be back on the ice. The Herald notebook has more on Thomas sticking up for Ward. Barth’s notebook has the injury list growing for the Bruins.

Red Sox

Adam Kilgore looks at John Smoltz being introduced as a member of the Red Sox, and how the longtime Brave feels the transition will go for him. Daniel Barbarisi has Smoltz feeling that he can be a winner with the Red Sox. Michael Silverman says that Smoltz was signed with the big picture – the second half and postseason – in mind.

Mike Fine has Smoltz saying that he likes how the Red Sox operate. Paul Jarvey has the Red Sox hoping to hook Smoltz up to the rejuvenation machine here in Boston. Lenny Megliola has Smoltz seeing an opportunity with the Red Sox that he wasn’t going to get with the Braves. Jeff Goldberg has Smoltz leaving the Braves after 21 season. Haggerty says that Smoltz sounded a lot like Curt Schilling.

Dan Shaughnessy has Carl Yastrzemski praising Jim Rice. Sarah Green says that now that Rice is in the Hall, the new controversy will be over Tim Raines. Nick Cafardo wonders if Rice is the first of a trend – players who get into the Hall because they are perceived as being clean of steroids. Steve Buckley has Rice answering the steroid issue with a comic touch.  Jim Donaldson says that Rice is good enough for Cooperstown, but not great enough to be a true Hall of Famer.

Kilgore’s notebook examines the still uncertain catching situation.


John Tomase says that Scott Pioli is a huge loss to the Patriots.

Christopher Price has the Patriots losing an integral part of their team-building process with the loss of Pioli. Glen Farley has more on Pioli’s move to KC. Ben Swasey says that KC isn’t the worst of football situations, despite the 2-14 record last year. Paul Doyle has Pioli getting full control of the Chiefs football operations. Shalise Manza Young says that for Pioli, the timing is clearly right for an exit from New England. Donaldson looks at Nick Caserio as the likely Pioli replacement.

Rich Garven has the Patriots losing depth in their coaching staff. Donaldson says that if Josh McDaniels can be successful in Denver, it will be somewhat of a first for a Belichick assistant. The Globe reports on a change at special teams coach for the Patriots.

Seeing McDaniels smile and talk at his introductory press conference in Denver, Mark Farinella can’t help but take a shot at Bill Belichick and the way he deals with the press. He also intimates that Belichick might be too old and worn out for another rebuilding process with the Patriots, and seems to hint that McDaniels should’ve just taken over here.

Tomase’s notebook has more on Caserio.

They’re pumped out in KC, as Joe Posnanski and Jason Whitlock – via the Herald, can attest. (Aside: how can Kansas City have two columnists better than anyone in Boston – with the exception of Bob Ryan.)


Frank Dell’Apa says that the absence of Kendrick Perkins for the next two games against the Nets will be a big loss for the Celtics. Mark Murphy has a look at Brian Scalabrine who will be starting the next two games against his old club. Robert Lee has rookie Bill Walker ready to play if his number gets called.

Boston College

Mark Blaudschun and Steve Conroy report on Boston College promoting defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani to head coach. Eric Avidon has BC finally getting their man, a guy who wants to be at BC and nowhere else.


11 thoughts on “Shorthanded Bruins Handle Montreal

  1. “John Tomase says that Scott Pioli is a huge loss to the Patriots. In other news, he also says the sun will set tonight and rise tomorrow.”


  2. Bruce, in reference to, They’re pumped out in KC, as Joe Posnanski and Jason Whitlock – via the Herald, can attest. (Aside: how can Kansas City have two columnists better than anyone in Boston – with the exception of Bob Ryan.)

    A good part of the reason i bet is that Whitlock and Posnanski aren’t spending their days and nights trying to line up a gig on eei, sports final, sports extra or that clusterflock on comcast sports net every night.

    They are spending the time doing the work and they generally seem to enjoy their work.


  3. Since when has Bob Ryan been a good columninst? He’s been burned out for years. The bitterness drips off the page – someone should slap him!


    1. Look at some of the other writers in this town and then think about this statement. I understand he made an *** of himself with this comments about the Pats and Mrs. Jason Kidd, but compared to some of the other clown shoes that infest the Globe, Herald and WEEI, he’s freaking Tolstoy.


  4. here we go, now it’s time for our “imaginative” local media to start with the, “well, we will REALLY,REALLY SEE what kind of a coach Belichick is NOW,without Pioli!!!!” crapola……….the without Brady version of the question was answered. (much to the dismay of Felger,Tomase and Borges)


    1. Being sarcastic, Mustard & Johnson are probably getting swelled heads over this news. “SEE??? We really WERE the glue holding that place together!” Being serious, last year was an aberration. Everyone wanted Pats talk 24×7 during the undefeated season. This year, no one wanted to hear the hacks bemoan bad news. It’s a death sentence listening to these clowns when the mood is good, never mind when it isn’t.


  5. Now evryone knows why WEEI pulls in the ratings that they do. When the temas do well, ratings are up, when not, ratings go down. That’s why I don’t understand the $$$ given to Fatty, Forehead and Mock Tneck. Anyone can pull ratings with the way the Boston teams are doing.


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