A few technical snafus derailed the morning links today, but I wanted to pass along a couple of links from the BSMW network.

John Molori writes about the Foolish Fanfare for Fraudulent Favre among the mainstream media. As far as Favre being amongst the greatest ever at his position, Molori names 25 quarterbacks he would take ahead of Favre.

On the BSMW Full Court Press, Jeremy Gottlieb offers up a five pack of observations on the struggling Celtics.

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7 thoughts on “Molori on Favre, FCP on Celtics

  1. Weak, boring??? Ok, so I don’t agree with a lot of what he writes and he gives me a pain in may ass at times. But, he’s on the money with the Farve article. Farve is a classic Bob Costas over-hyped, over-romanticized creation


    1. Terrific article on Farve. He is a fraud. Glad someone exposed him for what he really is. Above average QB at times that cannot read defenses due to his low IQ.


  2. Favre has thrown 101 interceptions since 2004.


    The media love for him is so over-the-top, yet so undeserved based on his subpar performance on the field, it’s literally embarrassing to watch and beyond painful to listen to.


  3. I’ll never understand the media fawning over Favre. At least Peyton Manning has won a sb and not continuously thrown 20+ ints every season.


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