We’ll let David Scott carry the load this morning, as he takes some time from his book to present to us The 2008 Shotties – NESN and Globe Rift Widening; Ordway Losing Bargaining Power Daily.

Some new stuff in there, the latest on Glenn Ordway’s future at WEEI and Bob Ryan commenting on the cancellation of his Globe 10.0 at NESN, combined with a look back at many of the top stories of 2008 in Boston sports media.

He goes into two of what were my remaining three top stories this year – the launch of WEEI.com, the Herald’s questionable moves and judgement regarding personnel and their handling of Spygate, and has a number of other observations, notes and shots.

Regrettably, I’m going to have to punt this morning and hand the coverage to Bruinslinks.com and CelticsLinks.com for last night’s Bruins win (9 in a row) and Celtics loss (3 out of 4).

10 thoughts on “Shots Wraps up 2008

  1. Slap in the face to Bob Ryan. This from a network that believes Sox Appeal is good stuff. Ordway should be performing oral if he wants a new deal. If I was WEEI, I’d offer him 50 cents on the dollar. It’s not like he’s a genius.


    1. It’s not just that: It’s the endless Charlie Moore marathons, the NY/Boston poker tourneys and the paid programming. When your best shows are replays of Red Sox/Bruins games from the night before, you have some work to do…



    This weeks been hard with no BIG O on the AIR! He’d have broke down the playoff picture better than anyone and he brings out hte BEST in FRed and STEVEe.

    Bob RYAN works for a COMMEE PINKO RAG he desurves to loose his job.


    1. Fishercat would be more awesome if he/she could learn how to type.

      Personally, Entercom ought to draw a line in the sand regarding Ordway. Write down a number for Big O’s annual salary (which I’m certain will be damn decent for someone in his occupation and in this economy), tell him to ‘take it or leave it’, then see whether his ginormous ego can handle the pay cut. It’s all about business in the world of sports, right Glenn? You rail about it all the time on your show, now let’s see what you think when the shoe is on your foot.

      Dave Scott mentioned Mike Felger as a potential replacement for Ordway should it come to that, but I’m not sure that would work as Felger already has an afternoon/evening commitment to Comcast SportsNet. Don’t know if Entercom would offer Felger more pay than what he’s already making at his TV gig.


      1. ahhhh….Jason?….I’m pretty sure Fishercat is doing that on purpose….hello McFly?….HELLO?


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