The Lakers put an end to the Celtics 19 game winning streak last night with a 93-83 win over Boston in Los Angeles.

Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics turned into Plaxico Burress in this one.  You know…shooting themselves in the foot…Marc J. Spears has the Celtics giving the Lakers their due for the win. Paul Flannery says that this was clearly not just another game for the Lakers.

Steven Herbert has Pau Gasol providing a big finish for the Lakers.

Spears’ notebook has Big Baby Davis returning to the court following his car accident last weekend. Bulpett’s notebook has the Celtics missing out on Christmas eve with their families.


Christopher L. Gasper says that what Junior Seau is doing in his return to the Patriots is nothing short of amazing. John Tomase pinpoints three plays that did in the Patriots season this year. Glen Farley has hard work paying off for the Patriots offense. Rich Garven has the Patriots continuing to work through the mounting injuries on the roster.

Kerry J. Byrne says that no receiver has ever made as big an impact as Randy Moss does. It’s quite a compelling case.  Dave Wedge has Ty Warren helping out a boy whose family lost their home in a fire. Brian MacPherson says that Matt Cassel has given Patriots fans the best possible Christmas.

Gasper’s notebook has Wes Welker focusing on winning, not the individual records he’s racking up. The notebook from Shalise Manza Young says that the Bills may be without Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters on Sunday. Garven’s notebook has the Patriots putting together one of their best ever season on the ground.


Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins talking about the slap shot vs. the wrist shot. Stephen Harris has Peter Chiarelli already making plans for the future to keep the Bruins competitive.

Daniel Barbarisi examines Lou Merloni’s transition from the playing field to broadcast studio.

Yesterday, Sean McAdam suggested that the Red Sox might be done pursuing big name free agents. Jon Couture said that the Teixeira mess was a rare miss by the Red Sox.


4 thoughts on “Lakers End Celtics Streak

  1. Someone needs to explain to the Laker trolls on and elsewhere and the Kobe Fetishists in Bristol CT that the NBA finals are in June. Not December. Although it might be tough scheduling that message around the Yankees 2009 World Series Victory parade they’ll be covering today…


  2. There were numerous sports media hacks out there who were ‘sure’ that Teixeira was Boston-bound. Now this McAdam clown is ‘suggesting’ that the Sox won’t pursue any big-name FA’s. To protect his legacy, McAdam will point to any player snagged by the Sox this year as being anything but ‘big name.’ The misses made by these sports media neanderthals are monumental, yet there they are…puffing out their chests soon afterward, hoping that their ‘customers’ will forget. Good luck on that.


    1. While I do agree…..alot of people DO FORGET what these media blowhards say. There are SO MANY of them flapping their gums and giving their “expert” opinons who can keep track of what they said? and they count on that fact, that way they can DENY they were ever wrong. (thank God for this site)

      Of course some of them make the “Media Blowhard Hall of Fame” and screw up so bad (SEE:John Tomase)their gaffs will never be forgotten.


  3. I loved the confetti at the end of A REGULAR SEASON GAME. Shouldn’t a team that has won 14 titles be above that?


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