The Bruins stretched their home winning streak to 12 games last night with an 8-5 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins exploding offensively at the Garden last night. Steve Conroy has a look at an old-fashioned shootout last night won by the Bruins. Mike Loftus has the Bruins riding their offense to the win last night. Mick Colageo notes that a tough night for Tim Thomas couldn’t slow down the Bruins. Bud Barth recaps a real roller-coaster ride for fans at the Garden last night.

Dan Shaughnessy decided to check out this hot, trendy new sport of hockey. Stephen Harris has the Bruins proving that two goalies are better than one. James Murphy says that it is hight time that he and others in the Boston media start giving Peter Chiarelli credit for assembling this team. Barbara Matson has David Krejci landing his first NHL hat trick in the victory. Joe Haggerty also examines the hat trick from Krejci.

Shinzawa’s notebook has Mark Stuart showing signs of coming on following a slow start to the season. Conroy’s notebook has more on Krejci’s hat trick. Loftus’ notebook has Aaron Ward working the comeback trail once again. Bob Stern’s notebook also looks at the hat trick from Krejci. Barth’s notebook has a look at Marco Sturm’s short-lived return to the lineup.

Red Sox outbid, or calling Boras’ bluff?

Adam Kilgore has John Henry and the Red Sox seemingly pulling out of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes with an email to the media last night. Sean McAdam has more on the Teixeira talks breaking down just when it appeared progress was being made. Dom Amore also reports on the breakdown. Alex Speier looks at whether this is a bluff by the Red Sox, and looks at some other Red Sox/Boras negotiations.

Daniel Barbarisi has a look at slugging first base prospect Lars Anderson. He also looks at a few of the other top Red Sox prospects.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has Hazel Mae looking forward to starting her new job with the MLB Network.

Kilgore’s notebook has Kevin Youkilis unfazed at the pursuit of Teixeira. McAdam’s notebook has Youkilis willing to shift to third base if the Sox were to land Teixeira.


Karen Guregian has Matt Cassel earning the respect of his teammates with how he handled the difficult situation with his father’s death last week. Christopher L. Gasper has Cassel saying that he just did what his father would’ve wanted. Christopher Price has Cassel saying that he never doubted he would play against the Raiders. Shalise Manza Young has Cassel paying tribute to his father with his mental toughness. Rich Garven has more on Cassel dealing with the death of his Dad.

Hector Longo has a look at the reversal of fortune between Cassel and Matt Leinart – one of the guys he used to back up in college, and who is now a backup in Arizona. Ben Swasey uses a little foresight to determine how the Patriots will beat the Cardinals. There are some Mole Chicken Enchiladas on the buffet table at Patriots Daily.

Guregian’s notebook has the Patriots stressing ball security against the Cardinals. Gasper’s notebook has the Cardinals possibly giving wide receiver Anquan Boldin a rest this weekend. Young’s notebook has the Cardinals riding Kurt Warner’s second wind to success. Garven’s notebook looks at a learning year for Leinart.


Paul Flannery looks around the NBA, and then tries again to get into the head of Kevin Garnett…without much success. Mark Murphy has the Celtics being toughened by taking the opponent’s best shots every night. Frank Dell’Apa has the Celtics current winning streak bringing up memories of previous streaks. Jim Fenton has the Celtics looking to make it 17 in a row tonight.

Jeff Howe says that Rajon Rondo learned how to take a hit as a high school QB in Kentucky. Lenny Megliola says that the Celtics have been unaffected by the bullseye on their backs. Robert Lee has Paul Pierce reaching the pinnacle of life on and off the court.

ESPN/ABC held a conference call with Magic Johnson and Jeff Van Gundy to preview the Celtics/Lakers Christmas Day matchup.

Ron Borges says that Lennox Lewis is the only ex-boxer in recent memory to retire before the sport made a fool of him.


13 thoughts on “Bruins Home Streak Hits a Dozen

  1. At some point (soon) the plummeting economy has to start affecting player salaries. The ‘chicken/egg’ dilemma is this: blame the owners for offering or the agents for asking? Like most things, the truth is in the middle and I applaud Henry for taking a stand out of respect for the economics of his team. The sky won’t fall if we don’t get this player just like it didn’t fall when we lost A-Rod to the Yankees several years ago. Sometimes the biggest improvements are the ones you don’t make.


    1. Umm, I think the mounting injuries, Variteck’s awful offensive production and the up and down year by the bull pen might have had something to do with the Red Sox not winning the pennant this year. Just a hunch.


  2. It is funny how you never pointed out (that I saw) that the fears that many fans had around Manny came true. He totally quit on the team in the middle of the season and forced them to deal from a position of great weakness that hurt the club that was World Series caliber.

    Your continuing defense of him and his behavior is quite sad. Especially because you also probably know about alot of the other stories that many people witnessed but haven’t been reported. Whey aren’t you reporting them?

    A great hitter, but that’s not anywhere near the whole story. A terrible teammate, and to many of us who have dealt with him over the years, a selfish prima donna.


    1. Please tell me how I’ve continued to defend Manny and his behavior.

      Apparently since you’ve dealt with him, you also must have stories, so please come forward and share them with us.


    2. Wahhhhh!!!!! The economy is Manny’s fault; mortgage defaults are Manny’s faults; not getting Teixeira is Manny’s fault; the snowstorm is Manny’s fault; Chuck Turner getting busted is Manny’s fault; international Ponzi schemes are Manny’s fault…Stick a sock in it crybaby.


  3. This is great news for the Sox. Better to combine money and intelligence to build a winner than spend insanely on free agents.

    They overpaid big time on Dice K and Drew (albeit both good players) and got a great value with Pedroia, Beckett and Ortiz. It’s time to pull back and keep payroll in check.

    Texy would have been nice but we are heading into a once-in-a-generation recession and the Sox are rightfully concerned.

    Most media people mentioned on this web site are hanging on to their jobs by a thread. When unemployment hits 25%, the Sox will have plenty of empty seats — in the stands and in the press box.


  4. The problem with Manny isn’t that he was a great team mate. The problem with Manny is that the entire Boston media can’t stop whining about him: especially Golfboy and the Giant forehead, CHB, Blogmaster Schilling, and Mikey Adams.

    They need to give it a rest, focus on Jason Bay and the current Red Sox and get on with life. No sign of that happening any time soon… I swear: Jason Bay could team up with Milan Lucic and Rajon Rondo to discover the cure for AIDS and invent a flying car and the Boston media would still print a story about Manny doing something. This obsession makes sense if the media was covering the Dodgers (or even the Padres or Giants). Not the Red Sox.


  5. Hey Davey – since when is people losing their jobs funny or something to cheer for? yeah, you know what, “damn the media. I hope they all get fired. Screw the car workers. I hope all the companies go bankrupt and they have to collect food stamps. The heck with all the small businesses that are about to tank because of the economy.” Get the point, and then get a clue.


    1. I think the Sox fiscal restraint is great … someday (soon), all the $$$$ going to athletes is going to look foolish when 25%-35% of all US workers are on the streets.

      I find no glee in sports typists and blowhards losing work.

      However, This is a media site so I have used sports media as an example of a dying industry. I just feel it’s time for most media members to give up the “dream job”, grab a hammer and toolbox and start doing real work.


  6. I know he can be a total jerk but Borges’ story on Lennox Lewis was outstanding and could not be more true. It was actually top level writing.


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