I’m on the record as being a Bob Lobel fan, but he’s got me scratching my head with this opener to his OT column today:

Reading unsolicited e-mails from people you don’t know — unless, of course, they are secretly your immediate family — is a practice to try to avoid at all costs. Anyway, this one e-mail was particularly priceless to me. Check it out for yourself and pretend you are receiving it. It arrived after my last literary effort:

“I thought you sucked for every one of those 29 years. Especially the last 10 or 15, when you just mailed it in.”

Violation of personal rule No.1: Never read e-mails. Violation of personal rule No. 2: Never, ever answer e-mails. But, for this precious reader, I am going to violate those rules and probably regret it. Here goes:

What you say is really not true. Not about your assessment of this former TV sportscaster’s job performance. Not at all. And by the way, I do hate that word “former.” For your information, I did not suck for 29 years. Twenty-five or 26, maybe, but I did not suck for the whole body of work. It’s just not true. I also object to being accused of just mailing it in for the past 15 years. I’ll admit to maybe seven or eight, but not the last eight, what with all of the titles that were taking the town by storm.

Suck, yes, but not for the decades of which you accuse me. Mail it in, yes, but not for the amount of time of which you accuse me.

Then he goes on to talk about Red Sox ticket prices, the downtrodden and “eminently beatable Patriots” and baseball free agency.

I guess he’s being sarcastic and attempting humor with the first part, but I guess I don’t get it.


11 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. You have to give Lobel credit for not taking himself too seriously as opposed to most of the highstrung, thinskinned members of the local media.


  2. When it comes to icons from the 1980s that like to golf and cheat on their wives I appreciate John Denises’ candor when it comes to dealing with idiot callers. After reading that email from Lobel I cant help but admire the way John or Jerry would never stoop low enough to answer in an honest way a stupid email from someone. It’s better to read the emails in a whiny baby voice and say BLAH BLAH BLAH. Heck, Jerry’s too smart he doesn’t even put his email at the end of his columns and Denis usually just hangs up or shouts over stupid callers that critisize him. Lobel should learn to press DELEET!


  3. Sorry to get off subject, but did anyone hear Ordway’s last call on today’s Big Show? I only caught the tail end of it but it sounded like he was leaving for more than just a vacation and there were references to the Pete Sheppard show airing tomorrow? Does this have something to do with Ordway’s current contract status at EEI?


    1. Ordway announced that today was his last show of the year and perhaps forever. He indicated that contract talks were continuing and that he was hopeful of a resolution but wanted to say goodbye in case things fell through. He thanked everyone (Bret, Andy, the two Petes, etc.) and remarked on the continuing strength of his ratings. Pete Sheppard will apparently be finishing out the year. Ordway sounded upbeat but there was a feeling of finality about the whole thing. Frankly I’m surprised that neither Bruce nor David Scott has a post up here about it.


  4. The beauty of the Internet is that media hacks can see how people view them simply coming to a site like this one. Message boards and blogs with comments represent the kind of mirrors that media hacks love; they just can’t stay away from things that talk about THEM. So while Bob may have a ‘rule’ against reading unsolicited e-mails, you can skewer him here and in countless other places. And rest assured, Bob would see them. It’s one of the big reasons why old-school media hacks hate the ‘new’ media.


  5. Dear Bob

    The problem wasn’t the mailing it it. The problem was the pounding it down. Jack Daniels, that is. Go on the air nearly incoherent and people will notice.

    “Well, ummm……… yeah.”


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