The Celtics improved to 17-2 on the season with a 107-88 thrashing of the visiting Orlando Magic last night at the Garden. Paul Pierce had 24 points, Ray Allen 21, and Rajon Rondo had 16 points and 12 assists in the win.

Frank Dell’Apa says that last night’s game reflected playoff intensity from the two clubs, with eight technical fouls being assessed. Steve Bulpett has the Celtics warding off yet another challenger on the Garden floor. Robert Lee has the Celtics breezing past the Magic at the Garden. Scott Souza has Rajon Rondo leading the way in the win. Jeff Howe says no amount of Magic by Orlando could slow the Celtics down. Bill Doyle has Rondo giving him mom a birthday present with his play.

Barbara Matson has Paul Pierce defining the shape of last night’s game. Mark Murphy has a feature on Ray Allen’s work with the Joslin Centers – the world’s most renowned diabetes clinic. Dan Duggan has Kendrick Perkins treating his matchup with Dwight Howard as a personal challenge. Duggan also has Tony Battie talking about his close friend and former teammate, Paul Pierce. Paul Flannery has Doc Rivers picking up Coach of the Month honors for November.

Dell’Apa’s notebook looks at the strong game from Rondo last night, as well as the flurry of technical fouls. Bulpett’s notebook has Doc Rivers winning coach of the month honors. Lee’s notebook has more on the bond between Battie and Pierce. Doyle’s notebook has more on Doc’s coach of the month honor. Jim Fenton’s notebook has Doc saying he enjoyed having the NBA Championship trophy in his Orlando home this summer.


Report Card day. You can probably guess how they turn out, so here is a simple list of them if you want to go through them:

Felger: Patriots Report Card: At Least the Running Backs Were Good

McHugh: PATRIOTS REPORT CARD Look at it this way, the Patriots could play the revenge card if they make the playoffs.

Borges: Patriots Report Card

Clark: Patriots Report Card: Nothing pretty

Christopher Price has Belichick feeling good about his team’s chances down the stretch. Bill Burt says that the season will come down to the Arizona game for the Patriots. Rich Garven says that the Patriots have to win out to have any shot at the postseason. Christopher L. Gasper has the Patriots keeping things simple. Just win. Shalise Manza Young says that the Patriots can ill afford any more losses.

Rob Bradford and Tony Massarotti assert that the Patriots era is over and we’re headed back to the Rod Rust days.

Mark Farinella has the Patriots set to cross the pond next season for a game in London. Thomas Grillo says that the game is a chance to pick up new fans. John Tomase has Jarvis Green upset at the low sack total by the club and himself. Young has Richard Seymour unhappy with his reduced playing time on Sunday.

Farinella’s notebook says that the Patriots aren’t about to panic over their current predicament. Gasper’s notebook has Bob Kraft thrilled at the London trip, the players less so. Tomase’s notebook has Wes Welker earning praise for his toughness.


My computer has been acting up all morning, so that’s going to do it for the links. There are plenty of Bruins and Red Sox stories out there today, check them out at and

Dan Lamothe has Evan Grant not happy with how he was treated on WEEI.

Paul Doyle reports on the launch of Connecticut’s new Sports TV Network.


11 thoughts on “Nine in a Row For Celtics

  1. Heading back to the Rod Rust days??? Bradford and Massarotti are prime examples of the idiotic, chicken little brain power of the Boston media. The team loses their qb(best in the league), the qb of the defense in Harrison, their best and most versatile lb in Thomas, their rbs have looked like a hospital ward, etc…This is the same media that gave birth to the Cassel is great, trade Brady mentality…


  2. If there’s a silver lining to this collapsing economy, it’s that sports media hacks should be the first to go. Too many of them, for one. And none of them can do better in this ‘career’ than kids off the street. Maybe they can learn to build bridges or highways; Obama has 2.5 million of those jobs just around the corner.


  3. What the local media really needs is to discover another way of creating some type of controversial list so brain dead fans can call in with tons of emotion. Report cards are so last May. How about a list “topics we’re going to saturate you with in the next few months and call it original programming?”

    Felger, your community needs your “original and amazing” insight RIGHT NOW.

    Bet the on air talent right now is missing Manny like a favorite nephew.


  4. Someone needs to remind Mr. Mazzoratti that most teams don’t win a championship every year. Somewhere above 95% of the teams in each league don’t win a championship. Fancy that.


  5. …….hasn’t this gotten OLD yet?…..Bradford and Massarotti types write, “THE SKY IS FALLING!” columns to “tweak” the fans. So boring and mundane…..Those 2 clowns should stick to writing about Baseball.


    1. I’m especially impressed with all the “classy” Steelers fans on Mazz’s blog babbling about Spygate like the good ESPNZombies they are.

      I’m starting to wonder if the Terrible Towels aren’t to distract us from the lobotomy scars.


  6. All that needs to be said about the Pitt game: Look Ma! No hands!

    This season may or may not be lost, but all this playing time for the young linebackers is going make our D untouchable next year. This is not the football equivalent of the Zombie Apocalypse people. Relax and enjoy an injury riddle team play hard and still be in the playoff hunt.


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