From Entercom this morning: has announced that 6-time All-Star and World Series hero Curt Schilling has joined the WEEI Radio Network to contribute content to both and the WEEI Radio Network. is the new home of Schilling’s popular blog,

Schilling will be a regular contributor to, writing on a regular basis each week as the exclusive new home of Schilling has already written stories for on his 2003 pre-trade Thanksgiving with Red Sox management and on teammate Dustin Pedroia’s MVP season.

“Looking beyond baseball I knew I would continue to blog,” Schilling said. “If this was indeed my last season, I wanted a forum that would allow me to talk about things beyond baseball, while at the same time being connected to people with a passion for the game. and Rob Bradford’s team afforded me that opportunity. I know Rob will stay on top of me to keep content coming as well as facilitate other avenues to communicate with fans through live game blogs and many other things. I look forward to working with the team to do just that and continue to raise awareness for both ALS and the SHADE Foundation going forward.”

In addition to his regular writing for, Schilling will also participate in live game-day blogging for six Red Sox games during the 2009 season. He will contribute his thoughts and observations in the live blog with other members of’s editorial staff. This past October, Schilling joined for a live blog of Game 7 of the Red Sox ALCS series with the Tampa Bay Rays.

“We are extremely excited and proud to have Curt on board,” web site editor Rob Bradford said. “Because of his passion, expertise, and experience, Curt has already established himself as one of the most powerful voices in the country, one which we will now be honored to host on and the WEEI Radio Network. It is extremely gratifying to see that Curt has recognized the potential of what is quickly becoming one of the nation’s most talked about sports media entities. It is an honor that he is joining our team.”

Along with his blogging, Schilling will increase the on air component of his relationship with the WEEI Radio Network. Schilling will continue to appear as a regular guest on WEEI Radio all year long, covering baseball and a wide range of topics. His on air role will increase with a combination of in studio and phone appearances. Schilling has had a regular call in with WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan Morning Show since 2005.

“We’ve been privileged to develop such a special relationship with Curt over the last three years since we started his once a week call ins during the baseball season,” Vice President of Programming and Operations for WEEI and WRKO Jason Wolfe said. “His insight, passion and no holds barred approach to radio is unprecedented in our industry for a current athlete, and makes him a “can’t miss” every time he’s on the air. I’m looking forward to working with him in this newly created role which is sure to be a home run for and the WEEI Sports Radio Network.”


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  1. Oh, this oughta be interesting. Someone from the ‘blog’ world is being brought into the hot cauldron of ‘old media haughtiness’ that is WEEI. Will the ‘talent’ at WEEI see him as an ally or an interloper? So here comes Schilling, proving to the sports media world that the work they do is pretty easy and that anyone can do it. Of course, none of them can pick up a baseball and throw it by a 12-year-old, never mind a big-league batter. Oh, this just frosts the Boston sports media cabal.

  2. This could be good: if they can have Curt stick to talking about baseball. Or he could be the baseball equivalent of Fred Smerlas and spend all day back stabbing team mates, whining about liberals and trying to intimidate everyone.

    Or he could just beat the stuffing out of Butch Stearns.

    1 and 3 are fine. We already have enough of option 2.

  3. It’s funny how Curt’s stand against the media has softened since he got here. The old Curt would have recognized EEI as just a bunch of fat guys sitting around talking about stuff they don’t know anything about. Now, he’s a bona fide member of the star-studded WEEI constellation. Anything to hold onto even a piece of the spotlight. I can’t wait for the “will he or won’t he?” posts next spring as he considers his inevitable comeback. More grist for Beelzebub Wolfe’s satanic mill.

  4. HA, I’m sure this will end well. If WEEI had much in the way of “old media” journalistic values and weren’t so cozy with athletes already, there might be cause for concern here. As it is, it’ll just be good entertainment.

  5. The truth is, even an “average” sports fan — never mind a zealot — knows as much, if not more, about ALL sports than most of the jag-offs on local radio, TV, and in the newspapers. Historically, the only difference, of course, was that these boobs had access to the athletes, press conferences, etc. Now, as fans, we get to see and hear many of these things directly ourselves without the need to have it filtered through these self-important hacks. Having Schilling inside the hen house is great, for no other reason than it will bug the living crap outta these guys no end. Approve.

      1. I don’t think they ever have. That’s one of my pet peeves. When Boston sports fans are judged by the WACK JOBS that call into WEEI…..and when you think about it, what kind of person hangs the phone FOR HOURS (unless your one of the regulars) just to get talked over, cut off, interupted, be talked down to, and have your opinion mocked??

        I’ll never forget this one poor sap that called in. He made the big mistake of telling Dale, “JEEZE, I’ve been waiting for hours!!”….The guy uttered 2 more words and Dale cuts him off with, “TODAYS TRIPLE PLAY WINNER IS….”….Then hung up on the guy………….

    1. Oh, just to clarify: I’m not saying that the Smerlases of the broadcast world are brilliant sports minds. I’m saying that compared to the brain-damaged callers on that station, they’re Einsteins.

      1. You have a point: as dumb as the hosts are, the callers seem to be on the same wavelength, which is kind of pathetic when you think about it.

        Is anyone currently broadcasting on WEEI even as remotely as stupid as Jim the Wrestling Goon, Angry Bill, Dakota, et al?

  6. …ahhhhhh….just what we need!…another Talking head to spout opinions on sports and politics!…we don’t have nearly enough of those on the Boston Sports scene!

  7. Does this mean that Schilling won the “Next Great Sports Blogger” contest?

    I can’t wait to hear/read his insights into a clubhouse he is no longer a part of, or the other “wide range” of topics Bradford alluded to. The video gaming business must be harder than he thought.

  8. Another wingnut on the radio screaming ‘liberal media’. Another reason to ignore the sports radio which is becomming indistinguishible from wingnut radio.
    Bradford, I enjoy your Sat morning show on weei and sunday morning with Steve Nelson .Weekdays is mostly liberals suck , etc. Not sure why you feel your audience/ majority?/ enjoy being told they suck all day .

    1. White males between the ages of 25 and 50 are WEEI’s target audience. I applod WEEI for being a voice in the wilderness for a segment of the population that has been shut out of the manestream media and has had their acsess to positions of power and influence in our society fringed upon. THe media is liberal. Just take a listen to your radio dial. There’s Michale Gram and Jay Sevrin and Howie Carr, Those three are almost more liberal than Mow Se Dung. We need vigelants in these times and if Fred, STeve, the Big O, and my two favorites John and Jerry are the ones that have to give us the cold truth then so be it. It’s their burden to bare.

      I’m excited by Curt’s new role on WEEI hopefully he’ll bring his long track record of integredy and truth and be a voice of opposition in the new landscape we live under.

      1. Good job outta you! Funniest thing I’ve seen on here since Bruce’s view of the D & C 10 years from now…

        (Speaking of the Putt Putt Twins, I think Toucher and Rich moving to the morning shift is going to errode their ratings. Just a hunch. Maybe WBCN can lure them over to their station once Chili Guy loans them 18 mill-billion eights)

  9. I’m reminded of a time when Dennis Miller was funny and said this about the reunification of Germany: much like a Martin and Lewis reunion, he said, he wasn’t impressed with their previous work and wasn’t really looking forward to seeing any of the new $#*t.

    Now why did that pop into my head, I wonder?

  10. The world’s biggest know nothing media whore this side of Brett Favre is going to now post his everything it is all about Curt blog at WEEI? Sounds like a perfect match.

  11. Who cares about this crap? … the economy is in the crapper; who has time to listen to these blowhards … At least, Schill-Dog played the game and knows what it takes.

    1. well, that would be fine if, “Schill-Dog” were to ONLY talk/blog about PITCHING….but I’m sure WEEI expects him to do more than that. Bottomline?….he’ll just end up being another blowhard spouting off on topics he knows NOTHING about…….I do agree when you say, “Who cares?” though. The Boston Sports Media is just a bunch of noise pollution that disapperars into the air

  12. Give Curt a break, he had all his eggs in the McCain/Palin basket…. he even had business cards printed up:

    Curt Schilling
    Secretary of Offense

    He’s gotta make a living…can’t steal 8mil this year from the Sox.

  13. WEEI’s radio ratings and revenues have shown a significant decline over the past year since they lost the Sox broadcast from their line-up. (from 6 to 4.5)
    Can’t speak to how well the WEEI website is doing (personally I find it lacking major content and/or tough analysis of the locals/definitely NOT a must visit daily website at this point) but if they’re reaching out to a Schilling that would indicate they’re in search of a “buzz”. Don’t see Schilling having much of an impact at all either on the station or with the blog. There’s only so many ex-Red Sox mates Curt can rip on to make some headlines for himself. And does anyone really care what Schilling has to say about anything else?

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