Just some quick links to catch up on a few things…

The Bruins overcame a sloppy start to beat the Sabres 7-4. Catch up on all the Bruins talk at BruinsLinks.com.

There’s a doubleheader on Patriots Daily today, first, Dan Snapp looks at Brett Favre having one of his most impressive games…ever…last Thursday against the Patriots.

Then, Tyler Carter notes that soft zone (and a coin flip) doomed the Patriots last week.

For the second week in a row, we’ve got a BSMW hater in Michael Felger‘s mailbag. No biggie though, Rockie from Southie is just torqued off that I don’t let his childish comments pass through the filter on the front page here.

And for the record…I like Felger. I don’t like the stands he takes at times, and I think his anti-Patriots, anti-Moss stands are clearly contrived, but I’ve always liked that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and that he obviously does watch and enjoy sports, something that can’t be said for all his colleague in the media.

Of course, if you want a mailbag solely devoted to football, the Ask Reiss one is the way to go.

Kerry J. Byrne says that the Patriots pass defense is a disaster of Titanic/Hindenburg proportions.

Chad Finn wonders if David Ortiz might be the odd man out if the Red Sox end up signing Mark Teixeira.

Michael Silverman says that the trade of Coco Crisp is just the start of a busy offseason for the Red Sox.


4 thoughts on “Late Links Thursday

  1. Byrne’s article on the Patriots has merit, and all I can do is thank the lucky stars that we’re heading toward colder weather when teams try to run the ball more. However, two of New England’s remaining games are out west. I think to make the playoffs the Pats need to win all the games they SHOULD win, plus at least one that they shouldn’t…like this weekend.


    1. Chris, if the Pats don’t win this weekend they’ll really be behind the eight-ball, not just in the division but also in the wild card hunt. They’ll essentially be forced to have to run the table AND will need other teams to falter down the stretch.


      1. I know; and only two of the final six are at home. This Sunday marks the point where we start paying more attention to the Bruins and Celtics…or not.


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