It’s an odd Monday for the middle of the football season, the Patriots didn’t play yesterday, nor do they play tonight. Instead, they’re getting ready for next Sunday’s critical matchup with the Miami Dolphins.

John Tomase says that the Patriots entire season hinges on this game down in Miami. Mike Reiss says this is just another reminder of what a difference a year makes. Christopher Price has the Patriots acknowledging their miss opportunities thus far this season.

Bob Halloran says that the Patriots have no depth. This despite the fact that many of the players who are starters now, are only in that position because the original starter was injured. Isn’t that what depth is for? Mark Farinella has another episode of Ask Fearless.

Michael Felger hates Randy Moss.

David Scott blasts NBC and CBS for hypocrisy in being very careful not to mention the point spread when discussing the controversial ending to the Pittsburgh/San Diego game yesterday.

Red Sox

Sean McAdam says that if the Red Sox want Mark Teixeira, they at least won’t have to outbid the Yankees for him. Rob Bradford says that Daisuke Matsuzaka is proving to be worth every penny the Red Sox paid for him.


Both Mark Murphy and Marc J. Spears each look at Brian Scalabrine finally seeing the court again for the Celtics. Tim Weisberg looks at Paul Pierce becoming Boston’s Superman.


Mick Colageo says that the Bruins were robbed on Saturday night, and that Patrice Bergeron did actually put the puck in the net. Fluto Shinzawa says that the Bruins will be hard pressed to replace Andrew Ference. Stephen Harris looks back at the Bruins first third period collapse of the season on Saturday night. Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins should not go after Brian Burke to run their organization.


Ron Chimelis and Adam Kilgore have UMass coach Derek Kellogg meeting up with his mentor John Calipari tonight.

Jeff Goodman looks around New England college hoops.

Mark Blaudschun looks back at a weekend of college football. He also has BC returning to top form and keeping their ACC title hopes alive.


18 thoughts on “A Slow Monday

  1. Halloran and Felger are 2 of the dumber sports “reporters” in Boston. They are dangerously close to Sterns and Burton.


  2. Halloran is the idiot contrarian. I appreciate the sentiment, as many of the media are in the tank for the local teams, but Halloran’s m.o. seems to be going against the tide of public opinion on every issue, regardless of the merits of his position.

    It doesn’t hurt that he usually comes down on the soccer mom side of arguments. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say he’s a Jame Gumb style tucker.


  3. what did Felger say about Moss that was so bad? I’m not really a fan of Felger at all, but he made some valid points about Moss’ effort. It’s becoming more and more apparent that this site wants nothing but Patriots’ cheerleading.


    1. Tom –

      The “Michael Felger hates Randy Moss” line was an in-jest reference to Felger’s self-admitted “anti-Moss obsession” – to which he himself refers to in the mailbag.


    2. There’s a nice balance between Sheppherdesque pom pom waving and the vendetta some members of the local media seem to have against the Pats. Rather than bashing the team for little or no reason, I’d like some balance.


  4. I don’t call it balance just because some in the media hate the local teams and some think the local teams can do no wrong. What ever happened to unbiased reporting?

    And that block by Moss downfield certainly didn’t look like he was “dogging” it..


  5. I don’t think Felger’s points on Moss are valid at all, and they haven’t been going on two years. He cherry picks a single play to back into a cliched conclusion he made before he ever saw Moss play a down for the Patriots. And how weak is “he’s been good, but not great”? Hey, Mike, couldn’t we say the same thing about the entire team? You think that might have something to do with losing the best quarterback in the league in the first game? Think it might have something to do with running into high/low coverage all season with an inexperienced quarterback who took several weeks before he could get into his second and third reads?

    It’s just more Manny Ramirez bullshit. And its laughable when a member of the media questions a player’s effort when they live in a world where “show prep” has been reduced to a joke.

    As far as the cheerleading claims – also weak. For my part, I just want honesty, not cranked up, contrived radio patter designed specifically to make the phones ring. Ron Borges’s report card yesterday is a good example of fair criticism of the Patriots. I thought it was the best thing in any newspaper yesterday.


  6. Put it this way Tiffany – when was the last time the Patriots players named a captain who dogs it? Its clear Moss’s commitment and effort have won his teammates’ respect. I’ll go with that opinion over that of some blow-dried phony trying to bring attention to himself.


    1. I’m with you, Scott. To me this is just another example of LAZY HACK SPORTSWRITING….Moss will always be an easy target. Some of it is his own doing, he’ll never live down (and the media will never let him forget) the “I play went I want to play”, comment. Because of that alone he’ll always be under a microscope. And 99% of the people looking through that “microscope” have NO IDEA what they are talking about.

      Looking at Moss’s entire body of work as a Patriot, just what exactly is there to bitch about?….please…just more idiotic ranting from Felger, anybody who takes his opinions seriously needs to get their head examined.


  7. The media in this area just sucks. Outside Mike Reiss (and Gasper) these “media” types act like they never got any attention as children. Thank God we have games and can ignore the rest of the scene.


    1. Exactly…to me it’s all about THE GAMES now….I come here because I like this site and it keeps me informed on what’s going on media-wise. But I have basicly quit watching/listening/reading ANY KIND of sports media. That’s how bad things have gotten in the last 15 to 20 years. From ESPN to WEEI and everything in between, I think 99% of them are a bunch of ass clowns. Their opinions on sports carry no more weight with me than “Joe the Drunk’s” who hangs out at the local sports bar.


  8. Nothing is ever enough for the media. Nothing will satisfy them. That goes for Felger who I actually like reading. If I was Moss, I would have been crestfallen when Brady went down and never would have been the same.


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