Among the Patriots items in Peter King‘s MMQB column today is the news that former Patriot Je’Rod Cherry is auctioning off his 2001 Super Bowl ring to raise money for children’s charities.

Mark Cuban is charged with insider trading.

Gordon Edes tries to identify the next wave of great catchers.

Michael Silver isn’t quite ready to annoint Matt Cassel as the Next Big Thing.

Bill Simmons might be ready to go there, though.

The NBA is apparently looking into that Garnett/Bogut incident from Saturday night.

Albert Breer and Ron Borges seem sold on the Tennessee Titans. Mercury Morris is.


2 thoughts on “Monday Afternoon One-Liners

  1. I think the SEC will really want to make an example out of Cuban. If the trade went down in 2004, you can be sure that they (the SEC) have their ducks lined up against him. That’s four years of evidence-gathering.


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