Sometimes it really does just come down to the coin toss…

Was there any doubt that whoever won the coin toss in OT was going to get a field goal?

Still, what a game, though you could’ve been excused for tuning out in the first half.

The Jets ran out to a 24-6 lead and the Patriots looked bad. Matt Cassel led a TD drive just before the half to make it 24-13, and the Patriot defense tightened up a bit in the second half as Cassel led three more scoring drives (two TD’s, a field goal and a two-point conversion) to tie the game at 24. Brett Favre led the Jets on a TD drive, leaving just over a minute on the clock. Cassel then led one final drive, which ended with Randy Moss catching a touchdown with Ty Law draped all over him with :01 left on the clock.

The score was tied…then the Jets won the coin toss, marched down the field and kicked a field goal. An anti-climatic ending if there ever was one. All the more frustrating when you know that between this one and the Colts game, the Patriots could be 8-2 right now instead of 6-4 and in second place.

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Christopher L. Gasper finds some positives for the Patriots, though they’ll have none of that talk. Karen Guregian has the Patriots falling after twice crawling back from the dead. Shalise Manza Young has the Jets taking control of the AFC East with the win. Mark Farinella has the Jets turning Matt Cassel’s finest night into a bitter disappointment. Dom Amore has the Jets outlasting the Patriots. David Brown sounds annoyed that he had to go to the stadium last night instead of watching Ugly Betty and ER. Andy Vogt has OT proving unkind to the Patriots. Dan Hickling has the Jets outlasting the Patriots. Jennifer Toland has Matt Cassel sparkling last night, but not getting a chance in OT.

Michael Felger has the good and the bad from a crushing loss. Mike Reiss says that there were three games in one last night. Christopher Price chalks up the 10 Things We Learned Last Night for the Metro. Glen Farley has the Patriots defense failing early and late last night. Eric McHugh has the Jets spoiling the Patriots party when it got to overtime. Lenny Megliola has a late miracle giving way to reality for the Patriots.

Bob Ryan says that this one was even better than the hype. Bill Burt claims that the Jets became a force with their win last night. Ron Borges says that the Jets victory was not a changing of the guard of the AFC East. Jim Donaldson has the Patriots defense folding in the final minutes of a big game yet again. Rich Garven says this one was an old-fashioned donnybrook.

Steve Buckley looks at a career night for Matt Cassel, who threw for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns, while also running for 62 yards. Young has Cassel achieving an NFL first with the 400 passing yards and 60+ yards rushing – the first QB to do that since the 1970 AFL/NFL merger. Farinella looks at the dazzling numbers of Cassel not matching the final result.

Brian MacPherson has the Patriots learning from their mistakes. Lee says that late penalties on defense may have cost the Patriots the game. Donaldson has Randy Moss making the big catch when it counted. Weisberg has Jabar Gaffney shining in the shadows last night. Forsberg has a look at Jerod Mayo, who was the defensive star of the night with 20 tackles for the Patriots.

Chris Forsberg has Troy Brown bring honored at halftime last night. Borges says that Brown always believed in self, even when others didn’t. Robert Lee has the Patriots giving back to Brown after he gave them everything he had. Tim Weisberg has more on the fitting Foxboro send off for Brown. Hickling also reports on the Troy Brown halftime tribute.

Ryan also wants to know why Belichick hates those (naughty word) Jets so much.

Adam Kilgore talks to Ty Law about being beaten on the final play of regulation for the Moss TD. John Tomase has Law turning back the clock to 2001 with his performance. Lee has Law declaring that the Jets the team to beat now. Dan Duggan has Brett Favre leading the Jets on two late drives for the win. Donaldson has Favre impressed with Cassel and the Patriots comeback.

Donaldson also has the Jets getting the win they’ve long been waiting for against the Patriots. Lee has Eric Mangini insisting that the Jets did not let up in the second half. Farinella has the Jets acknowledging that they dodged a bullet last night.

Duggan has the best and worst from last night. Lee provides postgame analysis from all sides. Garven has facts and Figures.

Here are the notes from the NFL Network telecast.

Gasper’s notebook has Sammy Morris returning to field last night. Guregian’s notebook has Ty Warren sitting out last night’s game – a big loss for New England. Young’s notebook has Warren joining the ranks of injured Patriots. Farinella’s notebook has Brown enjoying life after football. Vogt’s notebook has more on Brown being honored at halftime.


The Bruins were also in action last night, recording a 6-1 victory over arch-rival Montreal last night, snapping a 12 game regular season losing streak to the Canadiens.

Rich Thompson has the B’s moving into first place in the division with the win. Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins coming out strong on the second night of a back-to-back. Bud Barth has the Bruins coming up big in this early showdown. Mike Loftus has the Bruins’ depth carrying them to the win. Bob Stern has the Bruins getting the Montreal monkey off their backs.

Barbara Matson has the Bruins depth on display last night. Stephen Harris has brawler Milan Lucic enjoying himself last night. Joe Haggerty has more on the Bruins win.

Dupont’s notebook has the Jacob’s family shooting down the idea of Brian Burke coming to Boston. Thompson’s notebook has Marco Sturm figuring out this power play thing. Barth’s notebook has coach Julien defending his choice of P.J. Axelsson on the shootout in Chicago.


15 thoughts on “OT Coin Flip Dooms Pats

  1. There was doubt about the winner of the coinflip winning the game. Some of us were waiting on a Fare INT. It did not happen. But the myth about winning the OT coin toss means you win the game just really bugs me. The Pats had the Jets OT drive all but stopped. Give credit to Favre, blame the pats horrible 3rd down defense, but don’t point to the coin toss.


  2. That game had so many nut crushers. Watson’s fumble, the missed snap in the shotgun, drop first-down passes, giving up a kickoff return, the third-and-15.


  3. Literalists.

    Obviously the coin flip didn’t lose the game, the Patriots defense did. Or if you prefer, Favre and the Jets won the game.

    But whoever got the ball first was likely going to score and win the game. That’s all I was saying.


  4. What did Hobbs and O’Neal do wrong? Coles and Cotchery were pretty much shut down for the night, and Favre took what the defense gave him, namely Keller. Or were you being sarcastic?


    1. $6 million in salary cap for 6 tackles, no ints, no passes defensed, 80% completion, Cotchery 5 catches 87 yards – not quite being shut down, 9-16 on 3rd down, etc…


  5. “Was there any doubt that whoever won the coin toss in OT was going to get a field goal?”

    Yes, I’d say at third and fifteen deep in their own territory there was lots of doubt.

    I was too stunned to comprehend everything he was saying in the post game interview, but between my howling, I could have sworn I heard him say that during that play he looked to the sideline and saw BB waving his arms and either alerting to Favre to an opening or actually creating the opening.


  6. The winner of the coin toss wins the game 60% of the time. In 30% of OT games the losing team never even sees the ball on offense.

    The system is ridiculous; a complete joke. At least require a touchdown. Nobody who has ever competed to win wants their fate to be in any way dependent on sheer luck.


  7. …got to disagree, Shea….no matter how you slice it the defense has to make a stop….The Pats had the Jets by the balls at 3rd and 15 and they couldn’t make a play…end of story…..I guess an argument could be made for playing a COMPLETE 5th quarter, but none of that college stuff, way to gimikey


  8. Yeah, the Pat’s defense has been dreadful this year, but the Jet’s didn’t cover themselves in glory either.

    Just glad I don’t root for Les Habitants this morning. Wow!


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