Jon Lester gave the ace performance that the Sox needed last night, going seven innings while giving up just a single unearned run to the mighty Angels lineup. After looking bad in his first two at-bats, Jason Bay smacked a two run homer off Angels starter John Lackey to put the Red Sox in front to stay, as Boston took game one of the ALDS 4-1.

Adam Kilgore has Lester showing himself to be an ace, pure and simple. Michael Silverman has the Angels looking like the beaten up team last night. Joe Haggerty says that game one was full of victories for the Sox. Kevin McNamara has Lester and Bay leading the way in game one. Dan Shaughnessy has the Globe front page story on the game. Jeff Goldberg has Bay’s third career postseason at-bat one to remember.

Bob Ryan has plenty of praise for Lester, and says we shouldn’t be surprised with his performance last night, since he’s been doing it all season long. Steve Buckley has Jason Bay playing the role of Manny Ramirez last night with his big home run. Jim Donaldson says that it was a regular parade of heroes last night for the Red Sox.

Chris Forsberg has Jacoby Ellsbury getting his postseason off to a running start, getting on base five times, with three hits, stealing two bases and making a spectacular catch. Tomase has Kevin Youkilis showing his prowess in the field last night as well. D’Hippolito has more on Ellsbury coming up big at the plate and in the field for the Sox last night. Donaldson says that Ellsbury was again Superkid in the postseason with his play in game one. He also has Jason Bay embracing his role with the Red Sox. McNamara has Paul Byrd thrilled to be in uniform last night. He also examines the returns of J.D. Drew and Mike Lowell to the Red Sox lineup last night.

John Tomase has more on Lester’s ace-worthy performance. Michael Vega has the Red Sox playoff rookies handling themselves pretty well last night. Buckley projects Mike Timlin‘s disappointment over being left off the ALDS roster. Tomase also has game two starter Daisuke Matsuzaka feeling more a part of the team this season. McNamara says that Lester was worthy of Beckett at his best last night. Donaldson has Matsuzaka wanting the Angels to be worrying about how he’s going to pitch to them rather than the other way around. McNamara says that the Sox might be asking for a bit more from Jonathan Papelbon in this series. Ballou says that Daisuke must pay off big in Game 2.

Vega has John Lackey spitting the bit in the sixth after cruising through five innings for the Angels. Joseph D’Hippolito examines Vladimir Guerrero’s playoff numbers against the Red Sox. Haggerty has Brendan Donnelly giving the Angels a slight edge in the series. Goldberg has Bay and Mark Teixeira each coming a long way this season to get to where they were last night.

Bob Ryan implores TV announcers to not make such a big deal over postseason numbers such as Manny’s home run total being the most of all time. Sarah Green tries the read the postseason tea leaves.

Shaughnessy says that Manny’s latest quotes are downright nauseating. What’s ironic is Dan’s outrage when he says:

We know what he thinks of you. He thinks all you Sox fans are losers who need to get a life. You just care too darn much. It doesn’t matter how much love you showered on his head. You bothered him with all that caring.

It’s ironic since Dan’s new colleague, Tony Massarotti expressed the exact same sentiments earlier this spring about Patriots fans, and we can be sure that Shaughnessy applauded those remarks. Dan also says: “Trust me when I tell you that Sox wins and losses have zero bearing on my happiness.” No, it’s just a means to an end, just a job for the blue collar Shaughnessy…

Kilgore’s notebook has putting Mike Lowell in the lineup an easy decision for Terry Francona. Silverman’s notebook has today’s side session huge for Josh Beckett’s chances on Sunday. The Projo notebook has Francona reluctant to call Beckett a “lock” for game three. Goldberg’s notebook has Ellsbury picking up where he left off last October. Bill Ballou’s notebook has the Red Sox able to put their best lineup on the field last night. Vega’s notebook has a familiar story popping up for the Angels in game one. The Projo Angels notebook has the Angels still respectful of the Red Sox lineup without Ramirez.


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  1. Concerning Dan S.:

    Couple of things –

    First, please note the first graph about cramming into a coach class seat on a cross-continental flight – has the Globe policy changed? Does Dan really think flying coach coast to coast is akin to what John Glenn did? Talk about delusions of grandeur.

    Second, Sox winning or losing has no effect on Dan’s demeanor – he’s miserable no matter what. Bob Ryan had it right – sports is the toy department in the department store of life. Surely the most fun. What is left unsaid is at the end of the day, and the career, you are still working in the toy department. For those who have bigger influences, in bigger jobs, and (btw) are probably in first class on the same flights you’re going to Anaheim on … ’nuff said. Dan’s gone the way of Dick Young, etc. – made choices in his 20’s that he can’t afford to leave in his 40’s.


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