From T.J. Simers, who had the long interview with Manny Ramirez last weekend that has caused so much anguish among the sports media here in Boston: (Though they’re all just probably ticked off that this guy got more from Manny then all of them managed to get from him in his eight years here in Boston.)

GOT WORD a sports columnist from Boston didn’t like reading what Ramirez had to say Sunday on Page 2. So I checked the Boston Globe, found nothing — only to learn it was some guy from a shopper ripping Ramirez, and Page 2 as well.

Gerry Callahan, writing in something called the Boston Herald, initially referred to me as T.J. Simers-Boras, linking me to agent Scott Boras, who will probably sue now.

Callahan wrote that Ramirez had “revealed at last his problems with Boston” to the “strangely sycophantic Simers.”

Jeff Kent has called me a lot of names, but with words I understand. I had to call the daughter who went to Notre Dame to find out the meaning of sycophantic. I presume she called a friend who went to USC.

From what I gather, I’m a “yes man, flunky, fawner and flatterer,” as I’m sure so many athletes in L.A. would also tell you.

The guy who writes for the shopper was really peeved and upset with what Ramirez had to say, oddly enough proving Ramirez’s point that the folks who write in Boston really need to get a life.

We’ll await Callahan’s rebuttal…


19 thoughts on “LA Columnist Strikes Back at Gerry Callahan

  1. (Though they’re all just probably ticked off that this guy got more from Manny then all of them managed to get from him in his eight years here in Boston.)

    SPOT ON!

  2. It’s one of those wacky media war stunts.

    T.J. and Callahan must be getting their ducks in a row for a LA-Boston World Series.

    I sure hope they’ll get that T.J. Simmers on the radio, I want to call in and rip into him!

  3. T.J. Simers is at least 50 times more self-aware than Gerry Callahan. He also does charity work for reasons other than his Entercom bosses telling him to for a couple days a year.

  4. I’ll grant that Callahan is off his rocker, but Simers doesn’t know what the word “sycophant” means? Really? He’s a writer and doesn’t know that word? He’s probably hung out with Mike Lupica and doesn’t know what it means…wow.

  5. Simers had better watch out: Callahan is using his giant head to store up all that bile from liberal hating, running up the score and being forced to stay up late!

  6. Callahan was just spouting whatever the “braintrust” at Fenway told him to say. The whole thing is a joke.

  7. Simers is an antagonistic hack who loves to make himself part of the story, ala CHB. See his columns on Jeff Kent and Andruw Jones. Not a defense of Callahan, but he’s right, Simers has fawned over Ramirez like a love struck schoolgirl. Check his tone when/if the Dodgers sign Manny and they see some of Manny’s “lack of hustle” plays.

  8. I’m not sure if it was right for Callahan to go after Simers, classic “Shooting the messenger”. And it’s hard to blame the LA media and fans for their kid-gloves treatment of Manny since they haven’t been put through not jogging/running thru the stop sign/leaving bat on shoulder against rivera/shoving 64 year olds etc yet.

  9. I can’t wait for Gerry to blame Obama for Manny’s problems, it is funny to hear Gerry defend the traveling sec. of the red sox knowing that Pres. Bill Clinton had to give him a pardon, not often does Gerry defend a Clinton guy

  10. Enough with the Manny bashing. He did more for the Sox this year than media darlings Varitek and Lowell.

    1. Yes, but V-teck and Lowell are still with the team: they didn’t suddenly decide to stop playing, assault a senior citizen, and offer a smorgasboard of insane interviews where they bashed their employers and the fans. There’s a difference between criticizing the man for leaving the way he did and acting like Mikey Adams who was probably unaware of what Jason Bay looked like before last night.

      1. So be a nice guy, always be available for the media, under-perform, and that’s okay. Get stabbed in the back numerous times while you’re shipped out of town, respond in kind, and you’re an ass…Makes sense to me.

  11. I fear for the self esteem of Mr. Simers when he reads Callahan’s frosty rebuttal missive. The man will surely quake upon reading the words, “Hey punk! I bet you’re the kind of guy that says things like (please, do me a favor and read the following in your best whiny, baby voice. If you could really do this, it will make my words hurt all the more. See, I used to be a decent writer but the simplicity of shouting nonsense on the AM dial really stole my heart, so now, you know, I don’t much care about the actual “smithing” of words. I don’t much care for reasoned thought either. So if I could just project what I think you are going to say and make said projection in a demeaning voice, well gosh, that’s kind of all I can do these days. I have to say- by the way, I’m glad we can share like this- do you have a myspace page? Anyhoo, I’m all kerfuffled right now so here goes, and remember the whiny voice!…”

  12. LOL…Callahan can’t even win support from the home-town folks. You know you’re a despised tool when you reach that point. As for the ‘SHOPPER’ description: PERFECT!

  13. If they do meet in dark alley, I’d advise Mr. Simers to dress like Sara Palin. Then he will be above reproach in the Giant Forehead’s eyes.

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