Here’s a snapshot look at the movement of some Boston sports media members during the last few months: (Not in strict order)

Gordon Edes – Boston Globe > Yahoo! Sports

Jackie MacMullan – Boston Globe > Buyout > ESPN

Peter May – Boston Globe > Buyout > Yahoo! Sports

Tom Casale – Patriots Football Weekly >

Michael Parente – Woonsocket Call > Patriots Football Weekly

Michael Felger – Boston Herald/ESPN 890 > (and Comcast SportsNet)

Rob Bradford – Boston Herald >

Alex Speier – NH Union Leader >

Tony Massarotti – Boston Herald > Globe

Jeff Horrigan – Boston Herald > Private Sector

Ron Borges – Soup Kitchen > > Boston Herald

Sean McAdam – Providence Journal > Boston Herald

Bob Lobel – WBZ-TV > Retirement > WODS103.3FM/Oldies 103.3

Hazel Mae – NESN > MLBTV

Adam Kilgore – Washington Post > Boston Globe

Lew Goldstein and Mike Vallee (“Lew & Mike”) 1510theZone > ESPN 890

Laura Behnke – NECN/CSN > KNTV-NBC11 (San Francisco)

Joe Haggerty – Boston Metro >

Who did I miss?


23 thoughts on “Media Movement Scorecard

  1. I don’t know that John’s comment sounded all that bitter…actually, for the Internet, it was pretty understated…it was barely snide.

    Will, is there a reason for your quick defense of whoever he was talking about?


  2. Sons running legit restaurant review business>Alliances with shady boxing people>Sports Huddle>Glen Ordway’s Enormous Gunt>1510 the Zone.


    1. Gunt, you forgot >Return to something barely resembling Sports Huddle at WTKK-96.9FM (where the sons running the legit restaurant review business also have a radio show)


  3. The best move in years was getting rid of the hideous Mustard and Johnson show. The Putrid Preacher hasn’t been on the Big Show in about a month either. I seriously doubt if Mustard will ever be heard from again.


  4. Since Danny Picard is also a WEEI employee, and has a strong radio background, it would have been nice if the thick headed staff gave him a chance as a Bruins beat guy instead of letting him be the Bruins beat guy for the new Boston Globe run OT magazine. This kid is young and he is an upcoming talent, when you have somebody like that right under your own wing, you shouldn’t let him willingly go to the competitor. They could have used Haggerty as another Red Sox guy. Bradford is already a general sports guy for and that only leaves Speier on the Red Sox beat.


  5. Lew & Mike is unlistenable. The “I’m outraged” schtick is painful. No need to shout into the microphone, moron, we can hear you.


    1. A two hour show on whether the Red Sox players were irresponsible for drinking after clinching ended the “Lew and Mike Show” experiment for me. Other factors included voices made for print and one of them’s reflexive Theo bashing.


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