The last few months in the Boston sports media have seen a game of musical chairs among some of the big players in the market. Between buyouts, internet defections, new startups and just changing jobs, we’ve seen some of the bigger and most familiar names in Boston sports coverage changing employment addresses.

David Scott has the latest, which is Sean McAdam leaving the Projo and joining the Boston Herald as a columnist and baseball writer. He also touches on the Herald’s announcement of their hiring of Ron Borges, where they trumpet his ability to aggravate and how they’re looking forward to turning him loose and “watching him shake things up.”

I think the Herald has shaken enough things up for one year, this coming just months after the paper pleaded with readers for forgiveness and vowed to rebuild the “sacred bond” with their readers.

McAdam is a tremendous hire for the Herald, with the losses of Rob Bradford, Tony Massarotti and Jeff Horrigan, the paper needed a big baseball voice, and they might’ve gotten the most respected baseball guy in New England in that role.

So, one great hire, one questionable one. I guess that’s not as bad as it could be. Maybe.

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6 thoughts on “McAdam Latest On Media Merry-Go-Round

  1. …..good grief, MacAdam….have you no shame?….jumping from the Providence Journal to the Herald is like jumping from a 4 star restaurant to McDonald’s


    1. 2 years ago, this would have been right. But the ProJo is laying off people left and right. So its more like jumping from a sinking ship to a stable rowboat.


    2. Are you kidding me? The Projo has been a joke for a few years now. Its sports section is a wasteland of nothingness. Even the Sunday Sports section in the Projo is now a waste of time.
      Its time for a rival paper in RI to emerge and crush the Projo once and for all.


  2. Although McAdam is my favorite baseball writer in the region, I still refuse to purchase/read/support the Herald… RIP ProJo… Damn you, Herald…


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