We knew that Tony Massarotti hates the Patriots and their fans, and he has continued his slanted coverage of them in his new role at the Boston Globe.

While his Red Sox coverage is generally shiny and positive, his Patriots postings consist of things like Tony’s Top 5 most disturbing statistics about the Patriots. You know, Patriots fans probably aren’t feeling all that great already, and Tony feels the need to pile on more misery, even though the season has already gotten as disturbing as it can be. Now that posting is from a few days ago, and I just now got around to seeing it. Lucky me.

His first statistic is an old standby.

With Tom Brady as his starter, Bill Belichick has a career record of 87-24. Without Brady, Belichick is 43-58. As Bill Parcells might say, you are what you are. As Belichick might say, it is what it is.

How many times is this going to be trotted out there? First used by Ron Borges, this stat has been repeated over and over and over again by the self-proclamed “objective” members of the meda.

How come no one says: “With David Ortiz on his roster, Terry Francona has a career record of 468-338. Without Ortiz, Francona is 285-363. As Bill Parcells might say, you are what you are. As Belichick might say, it is what it is.”

How about: “With Kevin Garnett on his roster, Doc Rivers has a career record of 66-16. Without Garnett, Rivers is 273-312. As Bill Parcells might say, you are what you are. As Belichick might say, it is what it is.”

No, you don’t hear either of those. It’s only Belichick that this stuff gets applied to.

I prefer to turn it around and say Belichick’s career record without stiffs like Bernie Kosar and Drew Bledsoe is 105-46. (Something like that anyway…I’m counting the second half of the ’93 season after Kosar was cut, and all of the ’94 and ’95 seasons, and not counting the first 18 games of his New England career when Bledsoe was the QB.)

14 thoughts on “Tony ‘Miserable’ Massarotti In Top Form

  1. Also in today’s news, the Sun rises in the East.

    This is manipulative bullshit that is best ignored.

    There are a lot of media stories and angles that deserve to be examined and debated.

    Massarotti’s two-bit vaudeville act should never be among them.


  2. Will these idiots ever provide the context for Belichick’s stats without Brady? Well no they won’t, but he did take over two teams that had to be completely overhauled. He wasn’t exactly Wade Phillips going to the Cowboys or Norv Turner to the Chargers.

    He took over a Browns team that had gone 2-14 and whose entire team from the late 1980s had gotten old. The Browns improved every year he was there, made the playoffs in year 4 (there was no unrestricted free agency then) and beat Parcells and the Patriots. They were 3-1 in 1995 when Art Modell pulled the rug out from under the team and Cleveland and announced the move to Baltimore.

    The Patriots got worse every under Pete Carroll, and bottomed out when he got there, but he rebuilt the team so quickly that with the backup quarterback, a running back cut from the Bills, an undrafted tight end from East Boston, two receivers who were an eighth round pick and an undrafted free agent, and a defense full of castoffs from other teams (mostly from the Jets), somehow won a Super Bowl in year 2.

    As a head coach and assistant he has been in seven Super Bowls and nine conference championship games. Enough already.


  3. Massoratti’s problem in life is that when he went on his ill conceived “Pat’s fans suck” rant in the Herald he didn’t have the advantage of a ready made band of idiot knuckle dragging apologists like Howie Carr did. I still question why the idiot editor at the Herald let those two articles get in the paper.
    At least Tony tried to explain himself. True, his explanation was horrid, but the attempt was there (and it was better than Tomase’s).


  4. What a twisted, insular world newspaper people live in…from upper management types to plebes like Massarotti. Once upon a time the objective of a newspaper was to have attractive content that would compel customers to plunk down 25 cents or half a buck. The fawning pieces would be nicely balanced by realistic, hard-hitting ones…pieces that called people out when they deserved to be. But now, everything is ‘agenda-driven.’ Writers–bitter/clingers or just plain angry about the demise of their business–have axes to grind. And through it all, the ‘woe-is-us’ laments continue: Ad revenue, DOWN. Circulation, DOWN. Readership, DOWN. Pink slips, UP. How do these people keep their jobs?


  5. Mazz is so stupid he can’t even quote Parcell’s correctly. The quote is “you are what your record says you are.”

    If he can’t get the quote right what makes us think he could get anything else correct or at least be objective.


  6. I consider Tony a friend, but I would be remiss not to point out (and am too lazy to go through the trouble of going over to my own blog to do so) that identifying good players and using them is generally considered a kind of important skill for a coach.
    Or as Casey Stengel so eloquently said, “I couldn’tna done it without my players.”


  7. I guess the reason they keep trotting out Belichick’s career record with and without Brady is two-fold. First, it’s a simplistic way to “analyze” the current state of the Patriots (I mean, what other way can a simpleton like Massarotti analyze football?)

    Of course the other reason is they hate Belichick because Bellichick refuses to play with them. How dare he shun the self-important Boston sports Media!


  8. Bruce, you make some excellent points, as do some in the previous comments. And I agree that it sucks, as a Pats fan, to have Mazz sort of “pile on” right now.

    But, his job is to write his opinion, not take it easy on us because we’re “down” with Brady out. I don’t like reading pieces like that, but it is what it is and he makes his living by writing things like this.


    1. Problem is Tony that this stuff was original about a year ago. Those “facts” have been plastered by the entire sports media across the country. I guess your point is that a columnist doesn’t have an original or insightful idea then it’s okay to publish it like no one has ever heard it.

      That’s Mazz to a T. The next time he provides actual insight will be the first time.


  9. I think Massarotti wrote this article because this is what people are currently interested in right now, the Patriots and how they have to try to overcome Brady’s injury to make the playoffs and a Super Bowl run. The timing makes complete sense to me.

    But I have to ask you Bruce- why wouldn’t he write this article now and how can you say he is rubbing it in?!?! I mean this quote “You know, Patriots fans probably aren’t feeling all that great already, and Tony feels the need to pile on more misery, even though the season has already gotten as disturbing as it can be,” that just doesn’t make sense to me. Isn’t this what is on the public’s mind in New England? Do you want writers and columnists to stop writing about the US economy’s problems because they are rubbing it in and piling on to the misery?!?!? It is what is on people’s minds, he wouldn’t write it if people didn’t want to read it, and obviously people are reading it. There is a difference between writing about what is on people’s minds and being absolutely obsessed with things (like some people are with Massarotti, Shaughnessy, Borges, etc).

    Honestly- this site and forum as well as Scott Shots and Patriot’s Daily and other local sites- you guys do realize that every time you talk about the 3 columnists that you are obsessed with- you do realize that they love this and that it is free publicity for them right? You are even linking their articles and contributing directly to their success!!! Anyways, I know I will continue to buy the Herald every morning and read who I like and will also go online to read the other guys as well.


  10. I agree Dan. It’s not Tony’s job to soothe Pats’ fans in dire times, it’s to provide analysis and commentary of the situation. That’s his job, not cheerleading. You don’t have to like his opinion, but it is his opinion.

    And Bruce, no one, absolutely no one, took more crap in this town than Doc Rivers. He was a bum without KG, and a champ with him. His shortcomings were certainly pointed out more times than anyone can remember during the Celts’ down times. Same goes for Francona’s early days here; anyone remember Francoma??

    It’s fair game to point out Belichick’s record with and without Brady. What are you going to say if the Pats go 7-9 or 8-8 this season minus Brady? Is Belichick going to be to blame? It’s absolutely fair to bring this stuff to light; Belichick can thrive in the good times, he can suck it up when the going gets rough.


  11. I’m not exactly looking for them to soothe Pats fans…but think of this: What was easier for Massarotti to do here, be creative and think of ways to try to somehow put a positive spin on things, and come up with ways in which the team might actually be able to overcome the Brady injury, or to just pile on with more negative stats?

    Which one would be more likely to be read by Patriots fans? (Which make up a good part of his readership.)

    Massarotti, like so many of his colleagues, took the easy path, piled on, and because of that, his piece is likely only going to be of interest to the Patriots-haters who are boldly finding their voices when things are going bad.

    By catering to the minority, Massarotti costs his employer.

    There are always going to be those few contrarians out there who applaud the negative coverage and insist that it is “objective.” These people are the minority. Most fans do not enjoy nor seek out articles which trash their team. Yet again and again, the media in this town insist on putting out this trash.

    L3ster – you’re absolutely correct in stating that Rivers took heat here…though NEVER from the media. They’ve always loved the guy. Dennis and Callahan fawned over him while he was presiding over a 24 win team. But even though Rivers took heat from the fans, when have you ever heard the media bring up his past record? No one does.


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