Dan Snapp over at Patriots Daily says that it is no time for the Patriots to take a knee on the season. He taps into Bill Parcells’ The Final Season (even though it wasn’t) for some perspective on what is now facing the Patriots.

David Scott has the news that the Boston Herald and Ron Borges are playing footsie.

It would appear that the Herald is looking to deliberately insult Patriots fans. After the walk-through tape scandal, for the Herald to hire Borges and have him write about the Patriots, they might as well just spit in the face of many of their readers. It’s unthinkable. Then again, maybe it is a planned strategy on their part. First Tony Massarotti did it, and now Howie Carr.

I wonder it is always the Patriots fans that get targeted by the media in this manner? You would never, ever see anything like this targeted at Red Sox fans.

Get your Patriots coverage today over at PatriotsLinks.com.

The Red Sox lost a heartbreaker to the Rays last night, as Jonathan Papelbon spit the bit in the ninth inning, giving up two runs after coming into the game with a one run lead. Get the stories over at RedSoxLinks.com.


13 thoughts on “Wednesday Quicklinks

  1. Howie’s just mad at the Patriots because Bill Belichick is hiding Whitey and the team is filled with hacks and the “blacks” – whoever they are.


  2. Everyone always points out the Herold Sports Editor Hank H is such a nice guy but I get the impression that underneath he’s really just a sleazy guy. If he wasn’t then he would have left by now. Maybe writers like him because standards are so low among journalists.


  3. When will writers realize that when a central part of their column is devoted to criticizing people for being fat and living in their mothers’ basements that they’re really just admitting that they have nothing intelligent to say?


    1. Yet Mssrs Mazzarotti, Ordway, and Carr all have lucrative radio careers. So I guess the key to success is to look down your nose at and insult your audience. Huh.

      The most amusing part of the article is the comments section where Howie’s Stormtroopers try to quell the “moonbat” lefties who apparently make up Red Sox/Patriots Nation. Classic. I guess none of these twits have ever listened to Golf Boy and the Giant Forehead.

      Whoops, they hate Boston sports just like Howie! My bad!


  4. I see Howie is still at an Entercom station. His Mannyesque attempt to “shoot his way out of town” isn’t working. Mssrs Luccino, Epstein, Kraft and Peoli, please take note.


  5. If Howie truly wanted to leave RKO he would have hired Scott Boras as his agent.

    Either that or Entercomm would have had to trade him to Greater Media for Jay Severin, along with paying the rest of Howie’s deal and adding Mustard & Johnson to the deal.


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