Jeff Horrigan reports on the Red Sox 6-5 extra inning win over the Blue Jays in Toronto. Amalie Benjamin looks at the importance of the Sox winning their second straight series on the road. Joe McDonald looks at the list of heroes in yesterday’s game for the Sox. Dom Amore says that the Sox had to have this one, “and with the nose of a championship team they sniffed out a path to win it.” Bill Ballou has the Sox feeling this was one they had to get.

Nick Cafardo has the bullpen coming up big for the Red Sox yesterday. John Tomase looks at the Red Sox getting a chance to really bury the Yankees over the next three games. Tomase also looks at Jed Lowrie, who hit the game winning home run yesterday, and is opening eyes with his poise and play for the Red Sox.

Benjamin’s notebook looks at Ellsbury staying in the game after crashing into the fence hard while making a catch in the fourth inning. Horrigan’s notebook has J.D. Drew slow to heal from his back injury and he could be headed for the DL. McDonald’s notebook has more on the impact Lowrie has had with the Sox. Amore’s notebook has Ellsbury too fast for his own well-being. Ballou’s notebook has Ellsbury taking one for the team by remaining in the game.


Chris Warner over on Patriots Daily has the post-mortem from Friday night’s stinker against the Eagles.

Christopher L. Gasper has the Patriots needing to find a way to shore up the specials teams coverage units, and fast. Karen Guregian has Vince Wilfork trying to deal with the reputation he has gotten as a dirty player. Stephen Harris says that it won’t be as simple as flipping a switch for the Patriots to straighten out all their problems from this preseason. Robert Lee says that this week will be another full of questions about the status of Tom Brady.

Glen Farley has a look at punter Chris Hanson, who found himself getting a tongue-lashing from coach Bill Belichick during Friday night’s game. David Brown examines the urgency to get things straightened out in the special teams units. Jennifer Toland has more on this phase of the game.

Gasper’s notebook has the Patriots facing yet another short week of preparation this preseason. Lee’s notebook has the Patriots refusing to use injuries and backups as the reason for their poor play this preseason.

Need another example of why Bill Belichick doesn’t discuss injuries with the media? Consider what happened with the Giants over the weekend. Defensive end Osi Umenyiora left the game with an injury to his knee. Following the game, coach Tom Coughlin tells the media that the doctors “discovered no ligament damage through their initial exams.” He also added that “”I’m thinking it’s going to be OK.”

The next day, after a more thorough exam and MRI, it was discovered that there was no ligament damage, however, Umenyiora will still miss the entire season with with torn cartilage in his left knee. Ouch.

It’s not so much that Coughlin did anything wrong in this instance, but imagine the roller coaster ride that Giants fans went on this weekend. They see the injury, fear the worst, are comforted by Coughlin’s words, and then devastated the next day when their Pro Bowl defensive end is out for the season.

In contrast, Belichick would’ve said nothing after the game, other than “The Doctors will take a look at it” and then the news would’ve come out by itself the next day, without the embarrassment of having the previous night’s words (“I’m thinking it’s going to be OK.”) still hanging there in the minds of the fans. It’s why Belichick will often say “I’m not a Doctor.”

Again, it’s no doubt frustrating for the media not to be able to get any injury information from the Patriots, but the upside is that you’re not going to get inaccurate or “guessed” injury information from someone not qualified to talk about them, either.


Marc J. Spears has the US mens basketball team achieving their goal of returning the gold medal to the US for the first time since 2000. Bob Ryan says that by coming together, the US was able to reach their goal of redemption. Jeff Jacobs says that the US earned their redemption in this Olympics.

John Powers wraps things up with a sport-by-sport look at how the US did over in Beijing. Ryan says that the Chinese put on an Olympics that will be a tough act to follow.

Eric Avidon has the BC football team prepping for the season opener. Steve Conroy has coach Jeff Jagodzinski seeing a familiar foe in the Kent State Golden Flashes, even though the two programs have never played each other.